Zoomlion sanlian products have passed billions of orders in August

At present, green energy conservation has become one of the topics most concerned about in the world. Zoomlion has always advocated green energy conservation. Its environmental sanitation machinery products are also favored by customers. Since August, Zoomlion’s accumulated bids have exceeded the amount of orders. 100 million yuan.

In the heart of the motherland, in the Beijing-Tianjin region, in Guangzhou, which has the beauty of South China, in the economically prosperous Zhejiang, in the northern plateau of Inner Mongolia, our customers have chosen Zoomlion's sanitation machinery products.

Zoomlion Zoomlion sanlian products have passed billions of orders in August

It is understood that the amount of orders in the four regions exceeds 10 million yuan. Among the over 10 million large orders, the main products ordered by customers are Zoomlion's third-generation 16-ton sweeper, dry sweeper truck, compacted garbage truck, and garbage transfer truck that were released in 2016. These products jointly have Environmental protection, energy saving, high efficiency, and intelligence.

The products are all equipped with fan noise reduction technology, which reduces the overall truck operation noise by 1-2 dB and reduces urban noise pollution. Garbage compression and transshipment sanitation vehicles adopt a labyrinth three-layer seal design and a ship-shaped bottom plate design, which effectively solves the problem of sewage drip leakage. At the same time, multi-channel sealing strips are used at the joint surface of the filler and the trash bin to eliminate rubbish during filling. And secondary pollution during transportation.

The product can realize one-button operation, real-time display of vehicle operating conditions, operating parameters, fault information, etc. through the LED screen, the operating status at a glance, more convenient for the driver to operate and maintain. The product is also equipped with a GPS system, which can realize the information exchange between the work vehicle and the management platform. Information sharing between the work site and the management center enables the management center to grasp the running status of the vehicle in real time.

By optimizing the design, its work efficiency is effectively improved. Such as the new washing vehicles, sweeping vehicles and other sanitation vehicles to improve their ability to pick up 10%.

As an advocate of green and energy conservation, Zoomlion has spared no effort in R&D in product energy saving. According to reports, most of the products in this month's orders are sanitation vehicles that meet the national five-emissions standards. Many of these products have also adopted clean energy and natural gas to save energy and reduce pollution. At the beginning of 2016, the Ministry of Environmental Protection and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology formally launched the sub-regional implementation of the five emission standards for motor vehicles. Zoomlion quickly completed the perfect switchover between the four-country and five-country chassis and sanitation vehicles. These sanitation vehicles that meet the national five emission standards are therefore prepared. Favored by customers.

In August, Zoomlion's production and sales of sanitation and mechanical equipment prospered, further confirming the strength and the leading market share of Zoomlion products. Zoomlion will continue to break through, develop more environmentally friendly new products, and help create a green, energy-saving and beautiful China.

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Nameplate of Sany 50T Crane Truck With Weichai WP10.336N Engine

Nameplate of Sany 50T Crane Truck With Weichai WP10.336N Engine

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Sany 50T Crane Truck Parts

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