Zhejiang Jiaxing Launches Special Instrument Supervision to Ensure Meter Accurate Measurement

[China Instrument Network Instrument Industry] On August 22nd, the reporter learned from the Quality Supervision Bureau of Jiaxing City, Zhejiang Province that in order to further strengthen the measurement and management of trade settlement water meters and gas meters, and effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, the Bureau Recently, special measurement inspections and inspections have been carried out on the city's compulsory verification technical institutions involving water supply and gas supply units, and water meters and gas meters.

During the inspection process, law enforcement officers focused on whether the water supply and gas supply units established the installation of measuring instruments, whether they had undergone the first mandatory verification prior to installation, and whether the water meter and gas meter verification agencies established inspection instruments for measurement instruments, and whether they strictly followed the verification procedures to carry out measurement verifications. Contents such as supervision and spot checks. In view of the objective situation that the water meter replacement rate is insufficient, we urge the water supply unit to strengthen the water meter installation team, improve the water meter installation capacity, ensure the accuracy of the water meter measurement, and promptly rectify the individual existing problems.

It is understood that in recent years, as consumers continue to enhance awareness of rights protection, measurement issues are increasingly concerned by the people. Next, the City Quality Supervision Bureau will take this special inspection as an opportunity to further improve the long-term supervision and inspection mechanism, and actively strengthen the promotion of policies and regulations, and truly measure for the people and benefit the people.

(Original title: Tongxiang carries out special metering supervision and inspection of water meters)

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