Xi'an Cummins Builds "Three Fires" for Quality Companies: Quality, Users, Partners

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In the face of a million-kilometre engine without major repairs, how will companies be treated? Xi’an Cummins’s approach is actually a direct dismantling! It is with this dismantling record that China’s truck network has made a huge impact on millions of kilometers of overhauled engines. With the interest, we chose to break the sand-pot approach and analyze the underlying causes of millions of kilometers of Xikang without major repairs from the user, technology, operations, quality, and partners. Today we are looking for answers from Xi'an General Manager, please pay attention to our continuous series of reports.

At the beginning of September 2015, Cummins announced that Yang Xiaodong officially became the general manager of Xi'an Cummins Engine Co., Ltd. He will work closely with joint venture partners to comprehensively manage production, business development, marketing, and customer support.

As the saying goes: The new official is appointed to three fires. When the truck market remained sluggish in 2015 and Xi'an Cummins shared a relatively small share, how did Mr. Yang lead the Xi'an Cummins team to open up the market and achieve a new breakthrough in a depressed market environment? Recently, Yang accepted the first post In an interview, he disclosed to the China Truck Network reporter that despite challenges, Xi'an Cummins will strive to create more excellent quality with a more positive attitude, provide customers with more than expected product and service experience, and develop a more own-characteristic The road to development. He will work with Xikang teams to deepen market segments, strengthen the interaction with end customers, collaborate with OEMs and suppliers to achieve more refined management, and build Xi'an Cummins into a high-quality, user-trusted, and excellent operating system. , cooperation and win-win boutique company.

Yang Xiaodong, general manager of Xi'an Cummins Engine Co., Ltd.
Yang Xiaodong, general manager of Xi'an Cummins Engine Co., Ltd.

Expand Quality Connotation and Stick to Quality

In his chat with Yang Zong, he repeatedly mentioned quality. He stated that product quality is the foundation of a company's development and that it must be quality-centered whenever it is necessary.

From the start of “Building a Better Life with Cummins Power” to the business philosophy of “quality and success in the future” brought about by cooperation with Shaanxi Automobile Heavy Truck Co., Ltd., Xi'an Cummins is destined to take a quality road. “In the past few years, we have always taken quality as the core of enterprise development, and its connotation has expanded to users, operations, and even social aspects.” Yang Xiaodong said.

As a user, users have the most say in Xi'an Cummins's products. Therefore, Xi'an Cummins also regards the voices and feelings of customers as the most important factor, making it the source of enterprise development. From the receipt of orders, to the development and production of intermediate suppliers, parts and finished products, the company strictly controls every pass and strives to provide each user with the most perfect product quality. Not only that, as a member of the society, Xi'an Cummins has also incorporated the concept of pursuing excellence in its social responsibilities, supporting the formulation and implementation of national emission standards, actively practicing the concept of green and environmental protection, and taking the road of sustainable development.

Of course, as a joint venture company of Cummins in China, Xi'an Cummins got the strongest technical support from Cummins in the R&D and production process. "The engine's performance is not only a manufacturing decision. From product design to development, from testing to improvement, a good engine must be able to consolidate its inherent advantages through a series of grinding and improvement. It can be said that Cummins' technology is the product quality. The greatest support." Yang said, it is Cummins' profound technical foundation that provides Xi'an Cummins with the opportunity to realize forward-looking development.

Work together with OEM OEMs and suppliers to achieve a win-win situation

In addition to the company’s own emphasis on product quality, Xi’an Cummins Engine Co., Ltd. also strengthens cooperation with suppliers and OEMs in terms of manufacturing and subsequent matching, and penetrates the concept of quality into every core link of the industry chain. “Engine parts are all from different suppliers, and their quality has a critical impact on the engine. Therefore, we hope to achieve the best match and the best quality of the products through mutual availability, achieving a win-win effect. "General Yang introduced.

Of course, as an engine , the quality of its inspection is ultimately reflected in the vehicle. Therefore, the matching and performance optimization of the engine and the vehicle are particularly important. "Xi'an Cummins has strict standards to actively participate in and scientifically judge the match with the vehicle. Our most important thing is to insist on preventive management." So what is preventive management?

Xi'an Cummins Engine
Xi'an Cummins Engine

According to Mr. Yang, an engine is designed at the beginning, in addition to considering the technical aspects, but also taking into account the production and research and development aspects, including the convenience of the production line, the installation of operability, and so on, rather than a simple design. In the same way, Xi'an Cummins will also conduct simultaneous tracking when carrying out the test of the prototype vehicle, and carry out hidden trouble exclusion for online and offline tests. “Shaanxi Steam Heavy Trucks Co., Ltd. as an example, our cooperation model is basically transparent. From the beginning of the production line, our engineers will participate in the entire process, including in the design, production, assembly and other aspects as long as there is a non-conformity will always be timely and timely The adjustment is guaranteed to be delivered to the user with the perfect product."

Not only that, during the trial period, Xi'an Cummins will also have a dedicated staff for an active return visit, based on user feedback for product improvement. "The quality of a product is a process of continuous improvement and continuous improvement. From the early stage of R&D and production to the later use, this is a closed-loop management. Only continuous monitoring and optimization can truly improve product performance."

Close to the user to listen to real sound beyond expectations

Whether it is an engine or a matching vehicle, the user experience is the only standard to test its quality. This is not an exaggeration at all.

"The user's use environment and usage habits have a great influence on the fuel consumption and reliability of the engine. Therefore, in addition to product technology and operations, strengthening the user's training guidance, especially the correct interpretation of the user's expectations is our product. The key elements of success in the market.” In Yang’s view, the so-called user expectations are nothing more than their needs, whether it is the passing of past experience, the standards announced by the industry or the impact of benchmarking users, or even the commitment of the company. All can become the user's desired component.

In order to further enhance user satisfaction, Xi'an Cummins proposed the concept of customization. "Under the influence of market environment and laws and regulations, users' use and operation are also constantly changing. Therefore, we must also look at the problem in a changeable manner and segment the demand according to the user's different working conditions, operating environment, and drivers. Help users to achieve their own operating conditions." Yang proposed that the user's needs must be divided in accordance with the subdivided areas, not only that, but also a comprehensive simulation of user feedback, in order to achieve beyond expectations rather than benchmarking.

“In the following period, for the development of Xi'an Cummins, we must strengthen the care for customers on the one hand, and take user needs as the direction, and tap the real needs of the market segments behind users, while strengthening the relationship with OEMs and suppliers. Cooperation, in the case of quality and quantity, to further optimize costs and improve performance; the most important is to improve operating efficiency, establish a harmonious and healthy corporate environment, and improve product quality, which is also the basis for the development of the enterprise.No matter how the user's expectations change, even It is how people's lifestyles and habits change. The eternal pursuit is our pursuit of quality.” For the development of Xi’an Cummins in the future, Yang always uses this “three fires” to summarize. Xi’an Cummins will take a new look. Attitude, with excellent product quality, good cooperation system, and intimate customer support, to create the eye-catching boutique companies in the entire industry.

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