Wigley's Air Conditioner Cleaning Agent Promotions Begin!

Wigley's Air Conditioner Cleaning Agent Promotions Begin!
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During the summer, parked in an open-air car compartment, the temperature can reach 36°C. It is everyone’s love to seek a cool world. The air-conditioning of automotive air conditioners derives from the evaporators enclosed in the cabinets. Even small passenger vehicles require a room equivalent to 20 square meters, with a cooling capacity of approximately two horses. They travel in rolling dust, air-conditioning radiators and On the evaporator, over time, it will also be covered with thick dust, as if a quilt is covered, the heat exchange efficiency of the condenser and the evaporator will be greatly reduced, and the cooling effect will be affected. Therefore, it is necessary to clean automobile air conditioners.

Why do automotive air conditioners need cleaning?

· As we all know, the car air conditioning system is dirty and it is an air pollution source. During the cycle of automotive air conditioners, fumes, human sweat, and dust collect on the surface of damp evaporators, causing odors.

· The internal environment of the air conditioner is hot and humid, and bacteria, viruses (mites, Staphylococcus, Legionella, influenza virus, hepatitis B virus, etc.) are abundantly bred. These housing substances, with the circulation of the air inside the car, enter the body through breathing, causing respiratory infections, decreased body resistance, severe symptoms such as dizziness, fatigue, nausea and other "air conditioning" symptoms, especially harmful to the elderly and children .

· The accumulation of dust in evaporators and condensers of air conditioners results in lower heat exchange efficiency and cooling effect, prolonged cooling time, increased fuel consumption, and shortened service life of air conditioners.

Therefore, we recommend that you regularly bathe your car's air conditioner and return you to a healthy, fresh interior environment.

It is common knowledge that car air conditioners need to be cleaned in foreign countries. The car air conditioners have been well-developed; as more people realize that car air conditioners need to be cleaned, the simple cleaning of filters and housings can no longer meet the requirements. After the professional company cleaned and disinfected car air conditioner, the air is more fresh and the human body feels more comfortable.

Zhengzhou Wigley Appliances Merchant Investment Center specializing in the production of a series of household appliances cleaning supplies, including air-conditioning cleaning agents, computer cleaners, multi-functional cleaning agents, etc., positive to the National Wanted agents we will be high-quality products, reasonable price, so that You have gained a lot of profit from selling our products.

It is now the peak of the use of automotive air conditioners, and it is also the peak season for air-conditioning cleaning, and it is also the golden age for the sales of air-conditioning cleaners. Our company's products have won the trust of local dealers and the praise of the majority of riders with excellent performance.

The performance mainly has the following aspects:

First of all, compound biological fungicide, long-term antibacterial. After cleaning the air duct and evaporation box, bacteria will fall within one or two months and will still be killed. Cleaning and sterilization are two concepts. The air-conditioning cleaning agents on the market are either cleaning or bactericidal. They are collectively referred to as cleaning agents. Some of them may even be filled with cans in the future. This is actually unscientific. This product will be combined with cleaning and sterilizing, which is unique in the market. Second, the pH is neutral and there is no corrosion. The stronger the cleansing power, the stronger the alkali. This product has a neutral pH but high cleansing power. Third, the price/performance ratio is extremely reasonable. The prices of imported products in the market are very high. Our products are reasonably priced and have great market competitiveness under the premise of good quality. This year we have also developed a low-priced product, your profits will be greater, and marketing will be less difficult. We sincerely hope to cooperate with you and believe that this cooperation will bring you no small profits, and this is the beginning of our long-term cooperation.

In order to seize this golden era of sales this summer, Zhengzhou Wigley Home Appliances Investment Promotion Center has launched a series of special promotions. The original four-level regional rare agency (provincial, regional, municipal, county-level rare agents) and product distributors can be halved in qualifications. At the same time, for the specificity of dealers, the “You Buy Me Send” and "Order processing" activities, the large margin of unprecedented. Do you miss this profit opportunity?

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