What is open pit mining and how is it classified?

Open-pit deposits are developed in accordance with certain methods and procedures to establish transport routes between the ground and the working level of the mining site to ensure the normal production of the open-pit mines, and use these channels to prepare new production levels in a timely manner.

The exploitation of open-pit deposits is an important issue in the production and construction of open-pit mines. The choice of the development method is reasonable or not, which directly affects the capital investment, infrastructure time, production cost and production balance of the mine. It is necessary to comprehensively consider the technical conditions and economics of the mining. Mineral deposit factors such as the water level, social factors, technical factors and economic factors are determined by multiple schemes. The main content of the open pit deposit development is the arrangement of the pit line and the lifting rock transportation equipment and process.

To develop open-pit deposits are closely related to mine rock mode of transport, by mode of transport can be divided into different roads to open up, open up rail and intermodal pioneering three categories.

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