What are the requirements for the no-load test and load test of the grinding machine?

The no-load test is idling without the medium (steel, rod) and material. Continuous operation should be no less than four hours, generally 8-16 hours, which can be determined according to the specific situation. The longer the test run, the better the study of the tooth surface of the main bearing and gear.

The no-load test should meet the following requirements:

1) The lubrication of each lubrication point is normal and there is no oil leakage.

2) The temperature of the main bearing of the mill should not exceed 50 °C.

3) The mill runs smoothly and the gear drive has no abnormal noise.

4) The lining plate and each transmission member are not loose.

5) The operation of each department meets the maintenance requirements.

When the idling reaches the specified time, stop the mill operation, carefully inspect all working parts, and tighten the lining bolts to eliminate the defects found.

After passing the empty test test, the load test can be carried out. The load test should be gradually fed until full load. Operate for 10-20 hours after normal feeding.

The load operation should meet the following requirements:

1) Work smoothly and without periodic vibration.

2) The current of the main motor does not fluctuate abnormally.

3) The lubrication points are normal and the main bearing temperature does not exceed 60 °C.

4) There are no leakage or leakage of slurry in the bolts, manholes, flange joints and seals of the working parts of the mill.

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