Triangular tires measures a large area to open up the international market

In the first half of 2012, Triangle tires adopted a market diversification strategy to speed up product structure adjustments and made breakthroughs in the international market with high-tech, high-performance, and high-value-added products. It effectively resolved the lack of market demand and the price of raw materials was high and low. , The adverse effects brought about by large fluctuations, the main indicators of production and operation and foreign exchange earned through exports tend to be good. Last year in the first half of this year, Russia’s exports to Russia doubled year-on-year, on the basis that the foreign exchange earned in Russia, Brazil, and South Africa grew by 186%, 179%, and 16% respectively.

In recent years, the triangle has expanded its market expansion in emerging economies. For different regions, different levels of economic development, different types of demand, take targeted marketing strategies, the principle is that exports can not be re-exports, direct sales can not be agents, and directly take the end market marketing. In recent years, the total export volume of triangular tires has been stable at around 50% of the annual sales revenue.

For the Middle East and African markets, they changed the way they used to cover their markets through re-export trade. Instead, they sold directly to terminals, established their own channels and networks, and improved their profitability. The annual export volume increased by 30% year-on-year. In the Japanese market, the promotion of high-performance, high-tech content, high value-added car-carriage radial tire product sales, and the establishment of a triangular brand flagship stores and franchise stores, an increase of 115%.

While doing a good job in the development of emerging markets, the triangle continues to deepen international strategic cooperation. In 2011, Triangle Tire set up the tire industry's first overseas scientific R&D institution in Akron, USA, and carried out strategic cooperation with Akron University to build a “joint lab” to promote tire R&D and manufacturing technology innovation. In recent years, Delta has continued to strengthen cooperation with strategic partners such as Goodyear and Caterpillar. It has achieved a win-win situation by deepening strategic cooperation and establishing a price linkage mechanism, which has laid a solid foundation for the triangle to promote brand building and technology upgrading in the global market.

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