This year's Shanghai car price is expected to stabilize January 17 bid

This year's Shanghai car price is expected to stabilize January 17 before the tender date learned from the relevant units, due to the Spring Festival holiday, this year's first private car bid line will advance to January 17. According to reports, due to the tender and the Spring Festival are very close, even if the winning bid may not be on the card after the Spring Festival, therefore, there may not be a large-scale centralized tender situation, the rebound in last year's winning bid prices are expected to return to normal levels Come up. Last year, the Shanghai auto market was a year in which the number of private cars was blown. Not only did the monthly number of cards sold rose from 3,000 to more than 6,000, and the minimum bid price rose from 18,800 yuan in January last year to the highest in August. The 38,500 yuan, the spread is close to 20,000 yuan, from which we can see the strong demand for private cars. However, it is understood that the rise in license plate prices last year was due largely to the participation of dealers. In January and August last year, the number of bidders was around 9,000, but the price difference was so disparate that dealers sold in order to sell smoothly. Cars that ignore the interests of consumers and report high prices at random are factors that cannot be ignored. From last year's price chart, it can be seen that after August, the lowest bid price had a fall of as much as 10,000 yuan, from 38,500 yuan to 28,800 yuan. According to the person in charge of the Shanghai National Film Co., Ltd., this is the result of restricting the dealer's hype behavior by technical means. Since the second half of last year, relevant departments in Shanghai have adopted a one-to-one license for the citizens participating in the bidding process. One technical restriction of a single computer bid has greatly limited the unfair management methods that dealers use for auction and have not sold for the first time. Shortly after the implementation, the ever-rising prices have indeed declined, and have remained relatively stable. Although it rebounded in December last year, the auction house stated that this is a normal year-end rebound and does not mean that prices have started to rise again. When citizens bid this year, they do not need to raise their psychological price. For this year's bid, it is understood that it is impossible to release the license plate for the time being because of restrictions such as road restrictions. In a very long period of time, the bids will be the main means of private car licensing, and will continue to adjust the total number of motor vehicles in the city in conjunction with the transition of Mobibus. At the same time, the demand for private cars in Shanghai is still strong. Many new cars that are expected to be launched by car dealers this year are also the mainstay of the family market. Under such supply and demand conditions, there will basically be no excessive decline in the price of the cards. However, the government and auction houses will continue to enforce the current restrictions on bidding by car dealers, and the psychological ceiling of the public has basically been achieved in the past year. Therefore, the overall price of license plates will remain stable this year, and there will be no significant ups and downs.