There are several ways to confirm the vehicle distance

The vehicle distance confirmation lines are implemented in bold white. They are usually group-based and appear repeatedly in multiple groups according to the road conditions, which play a role in prompting the driver of the vehicle. The vehicle distance confirmation line is generally used together with the vehicle distance confirmation mark, which can provide a better indication to the driver of the road safety. So there are several ways to confirm the line? Take a look at the specific introduction.


First, the white fold line confirms the car distance. This is one of our most common vehicle distance confirmation lines. Generally, this confirmation line appears on ordinary roads and plays a role in prompting vehicles to follow, turn, and overtake. Especially when following the car, novice drivers can use these confirmation lines to ensure the safety of the vehicle and avoid rear-end collisions. Normally, the overall width of the confirmation line is 3M. ​​Beginning at the base point 0M, mark it with a white line with a line width of 40 or 45 centimeters, and set a line every 5 meters, two such lines. It is a group. The interval between each group is 50 cm. Usually 5 groups are set. If the road length is large, multiple groups can be repeated.

Second, the matrix line of white lines constitutes the confirmation line. This matrix type vehicle distance confirmation line is usually used on the expressway, on the expressway and the vehicle distance confirmation mark together with the overtaking section, or a road section that is prone to traffic accidents. In these places, it is generally seen that the vehicle distance confirmation line must be decelerated to ensure the safety of driving. This kind of confirmation line has strict rules. The distance between the lines is fixed, and the set length and width are also fixed. The overall appearance of a matrix is ​​on the road surface. On the freeway, the distance between the vehicle and the confirmation line is very large for ensuring traffic safety. After seeing these lines, the driver must maintain a safe vehicle distance to avoid accidents.

Third, the white semi-circular car confirmation line. Such vehicle confirmation lines can often be seen on ordinary roads. They are composed of white semicircular lines with a radius of 30 cm. One such confirmation line must be set for each 50 cm interval, starting from pedestrians and vehicles. To the role of prompts. This confirmation line is less frequently used than the white line confirmation line, but it is also a type of vehicle distance confirmation line.

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