The use of automobile antifreeze in water tank of S&A water chiller asked by a foreign customer

As is known to all, antifreeze is also called cooling liquid. Antifreeze is a kind of liquid composed of anti-freezing additive, water and addictive protecting metals against rust, which has the performance of preventing frost and corrosion.
Last week, we received an e-mail from a foreign customer, who asked whether distilled water of water chillers could be replaced with automobile antifreeze as the cooling medium for the water tank of S&A water chillers.
Automobile antifreeze is added into automobile cooling liquid to maintain the normal operation of automobile engine and prevent the cooling system from freezing in cold weather. But it is inadvisable to replace distilled water of industrial water chillers with automobile antifreeze as cooling medium.
According to the application experience of S&AWater Chiller, antifreeze is corrosive to the water tank and cooling pipe of water chiller. If the circulating cooling water is completely replaced with antifreeze, the antifreeze will have great impact on the internal components of water chiller under long-term operation of the water chiller. The best solution isadding distilled water or purified water as the cooing medium of water chiller, which should be added according to the proportion stipulated in the specification of antifreeze after being diluted.
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