The first shipment of cross-strait shipping express arrived in Xiamen

The first shipment of cross-strait shipping express arrived in Xiamen

At 8:30 a.m. on July 31st, the first batch of trial shipments of express container cargoes across the Taiwan Strait arrived at Xiamen Port. The shipments were allocated, inspected and cleared, and the whole process of cargo disembarkation to customs clearance and inspection was completed within 4 hours. The cross-strait seaborne express mail is an upgraded version of “pass-mail” in the “three links” between the two sides of the Taiwan Strait. It is the key to further implementing the Cross-Strait Postal Agreement and the “Post-Strait Express Zone Service Development Plan (2011-2015)” issued by the State Post Bureau. step.

At present, the number of retail shipments on the two sides of the Taiwan Strait is approximately 27,000 pieces per day. There are 17 express delivery companies in Xiamen that are qualified for express shipments, including China Post Express, SF Express, and FedEx Express. Of these, 12 are operating on Taiwan, mostly using air freight. According to calculations, the shipping express mail business costs about 40% less than air express shipments. The relevant express companies stated that if they can fully implement the two-way seaborne express mail business, they will be involved for the first time. It is predicted that the full-scale opening of the express mail service between Xiamen and Taiwan will boost the trade volume of e-commerce to Taiwan by at least 25 billion yuan a year.

It is understood that at present, the shipping express mail business in Taiwan has not yet been implemented. Cross-strait express cargo can only be cleared by general trade in Taiwan. Therefore, this time, the shipments of express shipments across the Taiwan Strait can only be achieved within 48 hours from the Taiwan Express Mail Transfer Center to the Xiamen Express Mail Processing Center, and within 72 hours, they can achieve a “door to door”. After the cross-strait sea express delivery business is fully implemented, it can basically achieve express delivery "door-to-door" services within 72 hours from delivery to arrival at the county-level cities across the mainland and within four days.

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