Technical management

The so-called technology management, is that there are plans for all technical activities in the beneficiation plant to carry out organized a general term scientific management. It includes: formulating technological innovation, scientific research planning and organization; improving the quality of mineral processing products and various technical indicators; formulating technical information exchange, promoting new technologies, new equipment, new technologies; establishing and improving technical operation procedures and issuing technical operation cards; Equipment maintenance, repair, renewal, transformation; formulate technical organization measures; arrange mineral processing test projects and organize implementation; implement technical management systems. Technical management is an important part of the management of the entire concentrator. Strengthening technical management, the normal progress of the mineral processing process, the improvement of the quality of mineral processing products and the development of varieties, the improvement of labor productivity, the reduction of the cost of various ore dressings, and the continuous improvement of workers' technical skills, etc. It plays an important role in accelerating the modernization of mineral processing.

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