Talking about the high precision requirements of CNC machining equipment

Fault diagnosis and elimination for the operator The impression of the CNC equipment is that it is difficult to maintain and difficult to diagnose and eliminate. As a CNC cutting machine for operators, it must be done in maintenance and troubleshooting, so that the general operator can easily do it. It is not difficult to do this. As long as it is paid attention to during design, modular design is adopted, and each module is equipped with a fault indication. The system is equipped with a self-test function, and each module has a spare part. The connector is simple and unique. When a fault occurs, the operator only needs to replace the faulty module and send it back to the factory for repair.

CNC equipment, especially CNC Machining equipment, gives people the concept of high precision. Improving the machining accuracy of the workpiece is often a main purpose of using numerical control equipment, and the accuracy is also the main performance index of the numerical control equipment. However, for the numerical control blanking equipment, although there is also the purpose of improving the precision of the blanking workpiece, it is worth noting that the improvement of the precision of the workpiece here is relative to the manual blanking, and the width of the slit is affected by The influence of many factors is difficult to have high precision.

Therefore, the machine movement accuracy is higher, and the comprehensive precision of the workpiece is generally only about 0.5mm. That is to say, the machine's excessive movement accuracy has no practical value in the numerical control blanking equipment, and it only increases the equipment cost without meaning. Thus, the equipment cost can be drastically reduced by appropriately determining the accuracy of the numerical control blanking equipment.

According to the above design ideas, in the practice, a cheap "CNC flame, plasma dual-purpose cutting machine" for the workers who cut off the materials was successfully developed, and achieved good economic and social benefits. The way of reading pictures taken by them is very popular among users, and this function is not available even for imported equipment.


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