Talking about the automatic switching of the main steam regulation system

In the transformation of the power plant furnace, the dual power supply interlock circuit can improve the operational safety of the main steam pressure regulation system. The regulator accepts the main steam pressure, the drum pressure and the speed regulation stage pressure signal. After internal calculation, the 4-20 mA signal is sent to the total operator. The total operator is responsible for the automatic and manual switching and synchronous direct operation tasks.

When the system is switched to the automatic state, the total operator sends a 1~5V signal to the layer operator, and then the layer operator sends a 1~5V signal to each single operator in the same layer, and then the 4-20mA is sent by the single operator. The signal is used to control the frequency converter, change the output frequency, control the speed of the motor, and achieve the purpose of controlling the amount of powder. When the system is in the manual state, the button of the single-operator can be directly operated, and the amount of powder can be controlled.

In the main steam pressure regulation system, the reliability of the three-phase power supply plays a vital role. Therefore, the adjustment system uses a dual power supply interlock circuit.

The working principle is that after the knife switch is closed, the main power switch is closed in turn, and the standby power switch is turned on, so that the main power source supplies power to the six inverters. When the main power failure occurs, the main power supply side coil loses power, the standby power supply side normally closed contact point is closed, and the standby power supply supplies power to the six inverters, thereby completing the automatic switching function.

The actual power supply interlock circuit is powered by two sets of main and standby power supplies, and each group supplies power to six inverters. The circuit has introduced the full stop and stop interlocking signals of the blower to ensure the safe and reliable operation of the boiler unit.

Breif Introduction of Biomass Wood Pellet Burner Machine 

Multi-fuel options: Biomass burn various kinds of biomass raw materials or molding biomass particles ( Wheat straw, rice straw, corn stalks, corn cobs, peanut shells, cotton stalks and etc. of the crop, as well as branches, leaves, bark, roots, wood chips, bamboo powder, sawdust and other leftovers of forest products, which are cheap and inexhaustible).
Our Biomass Pellet Burner adopts the most mature combustion technology and semi-gasification compound combustion technology, it has the features of reasonable structure, automatic feeder, fully combustion rate, high thermal efficiency, pollution-free, low- emission, compact structure, easy for installation, small occupied area, low operation cost, etc., which can replace other fuel fired burner.

The advantages of YGS-900,000Kcal/h  Biomass Pellet Burner for Sales:

1.Less investment, quick capital recovery;

2.Convenient transportation, transportation radius small, fuel price stability;

3.Convenient operation, safe, long service life;

4.Wide range of load adjusting, strong adaptability

5.This biomass pellet burner can match to the user`s heat devices,energy saving and environmental protection.

Technical Parameter /Specification details of biomass pellet burner  machine


 Heating Power


Main Power (kw)  Consumption(kg/h) Measurement (mm)



 How to Cooling  

Heating for boiler 


YGF-200,000    200,000 0.75kw  50kg/h  1900*910*1710mm  0.6T    Air-Cooling system  0.3T
YGF-300,000 300,000 0.75kw  75kg/h  1920*925*1750mm  0.7T  0.5T
YGF-450,000 450,000 1.12kw  115kg/h  1830*1100*2130mm  1T 0.75T
YGF-600,000 600,000 1.9kw  150kg/h  2340*980*2180mm  1.6T 1T
YGS-600,000 600,000 1.9kw  150kg/h  2340*980*2180mm  1.6T Water-cooling system 1T
YGS-900,000 900,000 3.1kw  225kg/h  2790*1190*2400mm  2.2T 1.5T
YGS-1200,000 1200,000 3.7kw  300kg/h  2900*1300*2420mm  3T 2T
YGS-1800,000 1800,000 5.25kw  450kg/h  3180*1490*2400mm  3.8T 3T
YGS-2400,000 2400,000 8.45kw  600kg/h  3250*1660*2520mm  4.8T 4T
YGS-3000,000 3000,000 10.45kw  750kg/h  3800*1950*3130mm  8T 5T
YGS-3600,000 3600,000 10.45kw  900kg/h  3950*2100*3270mm  9T 6T
YGS-4200,000 4200,000 10.8kw  1050kg/h  4050*2200*3370mm  10T 7T
YGS-4800,000 4800,000 10.8kw    1200kg/h  4200*2350*3400mm  11T 8T

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