Summer driving safety knowledge

In summer, when you are away from home, it's very pleasant to have a car of your own. If you are traveling by car, it is also very convenient. Then, as a car racer, you know how much about summer driving safety. Today, we come to understand the summer driving safety that we did not care about.

First, the summer high-temperature weather allows the asphalt road to continuously emit heat, which will easily cause some impact on the front windshield of the car. It will create some illusions and make drivers feel irritated. Can't respond in time to an emergency. Therefore, when the driver encounters such a situation, he or she should calm down and be in no hurry.

Second, some people like to smoke. They can't help but they may be able to put lighters in their cars. In summer, the temperature in the car is very high. It's easy to place flammable explosives in the car. Explosion, very dangerous. All flammable items should not be placed in the car during the summer so as to avoid sudden explosion that could endanger life.

Third, driving in summer should not be too fast, because the excessive temperature will make the asphalt soft, and it will be a bit sticky and stick to the tires of the car. If the brakes are applied in an emergency, the braking effect of the car will be worse. When driving in summer, the speed should be kept flat and not too fast. This will make it easier for emergency braking and reduce some of the impact.

Fourth, we must check the car regularly. Check the condition of the tires before leaving the house. The summer tires are prone to rupture, which makes it easier to puncture the tires. If abnormal tires are found, they need to be replaced in time. The braking system also needs to be checked regularly. It is best to check every time you go far away, because the hot weather in summer is not conducive to the braking system. Brake fluid can easily evaporate at this temperature. And then gasification plugs in the brake pipe, creating an obstruction that is not conducive to braking.

In the summer, people are easy to drive and be trapped. Before you drive out, make sure you have a good mental state. Once you have a drowsy trend, stop and rest immediately. Summer driving safety is something everyone should know. This will help you to avoid accidents during the hot summer months. High temperature has a certain impact on people and damage to the car, so we must always bring your car to maintenance and repair.

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