Study on Effect of Different Light Intensities on Leaf Color of Ornamental Sweetpotato Varieties in a Light Incubator

The frequency of sweet potato appearing in our lives is very high. We usually define it as a kind of food that can be eaten. It has a sweet taste and a variety of edible ways. However, not all sweet potato varieties are used for eating. Sweet potatoes, for example, are not the same as our common sweet potatoes. Watching sweet potatoes is a colored foliage plant. For ornamental plants, leaf color is an important aspect affecting their ornamental value. Therefore, in order to explore the factors affecting the leaf color of ornamental sweet potato varieties, light illumination for ornamental sweet potato varieties was studied by setting different light intensities in a light incubator. The effect of leaf color.
There are four different kinds of ornamental sweet potato varieties, 'Purple nobleman', 'Bianerhong', 'Jizuihuang' and 'Wuzhiju'. Although the varieties are different, they all belong to the ornamental sweet potato and are set in the light incubator respectively. 100% light intensity (control), 60% light intensity, 40% light intensity and 20% light intensity were used to measure the leaf color of ornamental sweet potato, and the results of the analysis were recorded. Then the influence of light intensity on ornamental sweet potato was analyzed.
Through the experimental data obtained in the light incubator, the following conclusions can be drawn: With the weakening of the light intensity, the chlorophyll content of the ornamental sweet potato increases, and the content of anthocyanin decreases, so that the red color of the ornamental sweet potato leaves becomes lighter, and the green becomes darker. . The main reason for the analysis is that the leaf color of ornamental sweet potato is closely related to chlorophyll a content, chlorophyll b content, carotenoid content, anthocyanin content, and DFR enzyme activity, while different light intensity treatments affect the color of four ornamental sweet potato varieties. The parameters L*, leaf color parameter a*, leaf color parameter b*, chlorophyll a content, chlorophyll b content, carotenoid content, anthocyanin content, PAL enzyme activity, CHI enzyme activity, and DFR enzyme activity all had significant effects. The soluble sugar content of 'Zi Gui Ren', 'Bian Er Hong' and 'Wu Zhi Ju' had significant effects, and had no significant effect on the 'Caroline Light' green soluble sugar.

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