Plastic Injection Cup Mold for Kids

Model NO.: 0010
Runner: Cold Runner
Design Software: UG
Installation: Semi Fixed
Certification: ISO
Standard: HASCO
Customized: Customized
Deliver Time: 40-60 Work Days
Mould Life: 0.5-1 Million
Tolerance: ± 0.02mm
Mould Quality Control: Professionla QC
Mould Material: 718
Trademark: Customized
Specification: 1200*1000*520mm
Origin: China
HS Code: 8480710090
Professional Plastic Injection Mould Manufacturer with more than 15 years of experience, specializing in Plastic Injection Mould with Cold &Hot Runner

Pipe fitting mould:
Name High Precision Injection Pipe Tee Fitting Mould
Plastic material PVC
Steel of Cavity & Core DIN 1.2316
Steel of Mouldbase S50C. LkM standard^ etc
Nos of Cavity Customized
Hardness of Cavity & Core 48-52HRC
Hardness of Wear Parts 55-60HRC
Core pulling system Motor /oil cylinder/ stripping plate, angel pin^ etc
Mould Accessories DME/HASCO Standard ^
Cooling system In core baffle cooling and in cavity plate chain drilling type cooling
Surface finish Diamond polish,
Molding  life 1.000, 000shots
Runner Cold 
Delivery time 55work days
Packing wooden case
Payment T/T L/C Paypal

1. Specialize in Automotive mold/commodity mold/thin-walled mold/plastic container mold/household electric mold  with more than 15 years of experience.
2. High quality & competitive price & professional skills.
3. In house strict quality control.
4. Fast and on time delivery with decent orders
5. All molds could be produced automatically
Offered Service:
1. Mold progress report and tooling schedule will be provided weekly.
2. The first testing sample for buyer's inspection and work out improvement requirements will be provided.
3. Mold testing video, 2D part drawing and 3D mold design before shipment will be provided.

Plastic  injection Mould:
1.Samples/Drawing & Requirement from you
2. Mould design: we will Communicate& Exchange the opinion with you after you place order.
3. Material Purchase: Steel cutting and Mould base tooling.
4. Assembling.
5. Inspection of mould: following and controlling the tooling processing.
6. Mould testing: We will inform you the date. Then will send the sample' s inspection report& injection parameters with the sample to you!
7. Your instruction & confirmation for shipment.
8. Finished mould before packing.
If you need any further information, please feel free to contact me.
No. Machine name QTY Type Travel itinerary origin pucchased date
1 High speed milling 1 AV1612 1600*1200 Taiwan 09/2014
2 High speed milling 1 H22S150 2200*1500 Taiwan 05/2014
3 High speed milling 1 AV1280 1200*800 Taiwan 09/2014
4 CNC 1 HB-3190 3000*1970 Taiwan 02/2015
5 CNC 1 SVW3217 3200*1700 Taiwan 05/2005
6 CNC 1 HB-2190 2200*1970 Taiwan 07/2008
7 CNC 1 TZ-2520 2500*2000 Taiwan 11/2010
8 CNC 1 VEL-1680 1600*800 Taiwan 05/2005
9 CNC 1 HB-1890 1800*1000 Taiwan 10/2007
10 CNC 1 HB-1580 1500*850 Taiwan 07/2008
11 CNC 1 VEJ1060 1000*600 Taiwan 04/2008
12 Driller 1 ZJ4060 diameter:60 Shenyang 05/2005
13 Driller 3 ZJ3050 diameter:50 Shenyang 08/2008
14 Driller 1 ZJ3040 diameter:40 Shenyang 09/2011
15 Driller 1 DHD2000 2000*1600 Taiwan 04/2012
16 Driller 1 DHD1500 1500*1300 Taiwan 04/2012
17 CNC engraving and milling machine 2 S600B 600*600 Beijing 06/2014
18 CNC engraving and milling machine 2 400GA 400*400 Beijing 06/2014
19 Wire cut 3 (HWC 53S) 500*300*210 Beijing 05/2010

Mazda Brake Pads

We can offer Japanese vehicle Hyundai all the series Brake Pad.Such as Mazda2 brake pad, Mazda Atenza brake pad, Mazda Axela brake pad, Mazda Offroad  brake pad, Mazda AC Wagon brake pad, Mazda AZ-1 brake pad, Mazda AZ-3 brake pad, Mazda Biante brake pad, Mazda Bongo brake pad, Mazda Capella brake pad, Mazda Carol brake pad, Mazda Cosmo brake pad, Mazda Cosmo  Potary brake pad, Mazda Cronos brake pad, Mazda CX-9 brake pad, Mazda Demio brake pad, Mazda Etude brake pad, Mazda Clef brake pad, Mazda3 brake pad, Mazda5 brake pad, Mazda6  brake pad, Mazda121 brake pad, Mazda122 brake pad, Mazda323  brake pad, Mazda616 brake pad, Mazda626 brake pad, Mazda929 brake pad, Mazda Miata brake pad, Mazda Millenia brake pad, Mazda MPV brake pad, Mazda MX-3 brake pad, Mazda MX-5 brake pad, Mazda MX-6 brake pad, Mazda Pick-up B2200 brake pad.
Our friction material can make it according your requirments .Material containe Semi-Metallic brake pads , Ceramic brake pads, low metallic brake padwe gurantee supply the brake pads  no nosie ,no asbestos ,long-service ,low dust.
Our brake pads' range is more than 1500 types ,If you need more items ,please send me your query list to my mail account ,i will make quoation according to your item number,such as OEM NO,FMSI NO.,fdb NO.,AK NO,MK NO,LUCUS NO,WP NO ,LPR NO.

mazda brake pads

Mazda brake pads jolin


Yancheng Jolin Auto Parts Co.,  LTD     
 Email/               FAX:  0515-88280889
1 D42-783 FDB45 20251 A-12K D3000

Toyota Mazda Opel 
2 D76-7009

078.00 LP71 GDB139 MDB158 084149230 FORDTRUCK MAZDA
3 D94-7025

4 D143-783 FDB54 20251 A-12K D3000 074.00 LP67 GDB122 MDB1032 8942043110 Toyota Mazda Opel 
5 D188-7112 FDB241 20760 A-93K D3007 126 LP234 GDB252 MDB1188 B00149280A Mazda
6 D239-7151 FDB532 21243 A-150K/A-117K/A-85K D3015 178.10 LP400 GDB980 MDB1328 0449160020 Mazda
7 D264-7169 FDB304 21041 A-116K D3016 164.00 LP465 GDB354 MDB1262 G03049280 Mazda
8 D283-7186

A-140K D3027

FA6749280 Mazda
9 D317-7169 FDB304 21041 A-232WK D3032

G0409280C Mazda
10 D319-7219 FDB993/FDB487 20039/21277 A-208WK D3028M 212.00 LP531 GDB374 MDB1348 BG3449280A Ford  Mazda
11 D320-7220 FDB633 21315/21316 A-194WK/A-357WK D3035M 218.02 LP870 GDB977 MDB1422 UB3949280 Mazda
12 D332-7186 FDB372 20031 A-140K/A-219K D3027 179.10 LP401 GDB1027/GDB3088 MDB1350 B6Y8-26-43Z Mazda
13 D366-7257 FDB482 20008 A-209K/A-415K D3031 213.00 LP521 GDB375 MDB1358 0449287705 Mazda  Mercury
14 D387-7125A


E7TZ99999 Ford  Mazda
15 D389-7276 FDB902 21537 A-241K/A-275K D3043

HE213328Z Mazda
16 D390-7277 FDB903 21316

248.02 LP632 GDB746 MDB1438 H2662648Z Mazda
17 D399-7288 FDB576 21378/21379 A-249WK D3053M 273.12 LP595 GDB981 MDB1441 3401278 Ford Mazda
18 D400-7289 FDB630 21558 A-250K D3056 272.00 LP624 GDB1025 MDB1476 3395842 Ford   Mazda
19 D428-7317 FDB939 21731 A-328WK D3069 313.02 LP800 GDB1037 MDB1582 GN513328Z Mazda
20 D457-7337 FDB653 21552
D3061 338.10 LP934 GDB1028 MDB1413 NAY13323ZA Mazda
21 D458-7338 FDB654/FDB869 21559/21766 A-307K/A-460K D0021 329.00 LP931 GDB887 MDB1414 0449287101 Ford  Mazda  Mercury
22 D466-7219 FDB487/FDB597/FDB715 21277/21654/21355 A-298WK D3062M 212.12 LP743 GDB1024 MDB1530 B4Y63323Z Ford Mazda Mercury
23 D473-7353 FDB714 21539/21541 A-338WK D3066M 333.02 LP935 GDB1029 MDB1575 BOYW3323Z Ford Mazda Mercury
24 D482-7186 FDB372 20031 A-140K D3027

FB0649280A Mazda
25 D514-7288

A-249WK D3053M 273.12
GDB981 MDB1441 G211-33-28Z Mazda
26 D525-7337 FDB653 21552
D3061 338.10 LP934 GDB1028
NAY03323ZA Mazda
27 D550-7429
23488 A-493K D3088 396.00 LP1462 GDB1176 MDB1845 3322936411765 Mazda
28 D551-7430 FDB1445 23515

397.00 LP1095 GDB1177GDB3255 MDB1830 LBZ23323Z Mazda
29 D552-7431

A-367WK D3074M 398.02 LP1459 GDB1178 MDB1847 H3Y0-33-23Z Mazda
30 D553-7432 FDB903 21319 A-344WK/A-242K D3079M 399.02
JOY1-26-43ZA Mazda
31 D553-7521


MB895026 Mazda
32 D573-7453 FDB482 20008 A-209K/A-415K D3031 213 LP521 GDB375 MDB1358 449287706 Mazda
33 D574-7454 FDB633 21315 A-194WK/A-357WK D3035M 218.02 LP870 GDB977 FDB1422 UB7149280 Lexus Mazda
34 D583-7463 FDB870
A-383WK/A-447K D3084 415.04 LP801 GDB1139 MDB1678 3894048 Ford Mazda
35 D584-7464 FDB654/FDB869 21766/21559 A-384K D3083 416.00 LP802 GDB1140 MDB1680 3898005/G5Y6-26-43ZA Ford   Mazda
36 D636-7514 FDB1012 23387

479.02 LP932 GDB3129 MDB1705 NAY52643Z Mazda
37 D637-7515 FDB950 21754 A-383WK/A-447K D3084M 415.04 LP1076 GDB1139 MDB1678 3922123 Ford Mazda
38 D643-7520 FDB1025 21571
D3098 491.00 LP1063 GDB3230 MDB1756 TA013323Z Mazda
39 D652-7532 FDB1129 23472

571.02 LP1625 GDB4010 MDB1785 F57Z2001A Ford Mazda Mercury
40 D755-7624 FDB1557 23777

MDB2035 GGYE-33-23ZC Mazda
41 D798-7670
D3109 699.00 LP1440 GDB3193 MDB1946 B2YD-33-28Z Mazda
42 D843-7719

GDB1497 MDB2083 YL87-2001BA Ford Truck   MAZDA
43 D892-7771

MDB2250 BKYT2648Z Mazda
44 D893-7772 FDB950 21754 A-383WK/A-447K D3084
MDB2251 BLYM-33-28Z Ford Mazda
45 D957-7856

MDB2308 GJYF-33-23ZB Mazda
46 D1044-7947

B3YH3323Z Mazda
47 FDB547
20002 A-133WK D3025


Ford Mazda
48 FDB1394 L0245


49 DB1359

50 DB1366 FDB1527 23540

730.01 LP1555 GDB3238 MDB2053 3894966 FORD MAZDA

Mazda Brake Pad

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