Naked eye 3D movies may arrive soon

3D video, though never really successful as a consumer-grade product. But there are still some achievements in today's cinemas, with more and more 3D trials and beautification techniques. In fact, it is rare nowadays to see that there is no 3D version of the hot movie.
But there are also drawbacks to 3D movies: kinematics, polarized glasses also cause the movie to be darker, with less distinct views, not to mention the environmental impact of producing millions of plastic glasses every year.
However, a new paper from scientists at the MIT Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence Laboratory and the Scientific Computer Vision Laboratory may help alleviate these issues and develop a new system for naked-eye 3D.

The current technology, called its use of slits, only allows each eye to see different parts of the screen, generating a 3D effect "parallax barrier." But because of the specific requirements of the barrier it is viewed at precise distances and angles, working for 3D effects, it is impractical to have large audiences with multiple audience members.
Theater 3D systems take advantage of the fact that once they have reached their seats, the audience should not take too much advantage. It uses different parts of the image built into the screen, as well as different locations of the theater, to provide a specific angle 3D effect in a multi-parallax barrier. Then, the array of mirrors and lenses helps to reproduce the effect across a wider area of ​​the listener, ensuring that the parallax barrier is displayed correctly creating an identical 3D effect in the theater, regardless of the specific location of each seat.
The report said. The research team hopes to improve these problems. Over time, cinema theaters can watch 3D movies with naked eyes one day.

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