More important for lighting companies is to conduct effective marketing.

From marketing to promotions, from promotions to price cuts. The lighting industry is like a snake, although it can barely succumb in the economic downturn, but the profits of lamps and lanterns are getting lower and lower, and the brand that is not ready to start is gradually being ruined in the constant promotion. In the end, this road will become narrower and narrower until there is no way to go. Therefore, for lighting companies, it is more important to conduct effective marketing. The price war charms plummeted every holiday promotion, store merchants in order to compete for customers, can not afford to lose money to compete with your peers, and finally become a joke of the arrogance. The price reduction of the promotion is getting lower and lower, and at the same time, the moral level of the industry is lowered. Although it is only a small part of the black sheep, in order to make profits as much as possible in the promotion season, there are still many merchants shoddy. Make false propaganda to deceive consumers. Through marketing, you can create and enhance the added value of your products, and increase prices by boosting and creating value. In other words, the essence of marketing is to increase the price of the product. And promotion is just one of the aspects that is used to create value. The price war is not as good as the previous lighting promotion needs to use the performance of the mind to link the holiday, and the promotion is the best catalyst, which is already one of the hidden rules of the market. For the lighting brand, the holiday is just a promotion, an excuse for promotion. In the lighting market, it is found that most of the market activities of the lighting brands are selling sheep meat. With the rise of the level of cultural consumption, the market charm of price wars has plummeted. In order to achieve good performance, the lighting brand must take the promotion seriously, integrate the festival into the promotion, turn the promotion into the entertainment mode of the festival, and let the consumers be willing to take the initiative to consume. For example, a brand organizes a jigsaw event to win the concession award by checking the similarity between the couple's own puzzles. The event is fun, simple and warm, and its activities are far better than the straightforward offer. Lighting companies need to have quality according to Jiuzheng Building Materials Network. With the various quality doors of the lighting industry exposed in recent years, the final consumption is the reputation of the entire lighting industry. Not only is the price of the luminaire getting lower and lower, but the value of the luminaire is also lost invisibly. If you don't promote sales, the more you promote the more sorrow, the price reduction promotion is not the culprit for the entire lighting industry to enter the era of meager profit, but it is definitely the last fuse to detonate this gunpowder barrel.

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