Low-quality super heavy oil coking pilot project fills domestic gap

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Jinzhou Petrochemical's coking pilot project for poor quality and overweight oil has passed the appraisal of China National Petroleum Corporation's scientific and technological achievements recently, filling the domestic gap in conducting experimental research on delayed coking pilot projects using inferior super-heavy oil as a single raw material.

This project is part of the sub-sub-topic of the key technical topics for the low-grade oil lightweighting of the China Petroleum Technology Research Project. Jinzhou Petrochemical undertakes key research projects for the key technologies of low quality oil refining, and is responsible for the task of providing basic design data and recommending key parameters for industrial testing for the transformation of industrial coking units. Through a series of device transformations, technical problems such as feed of high-acid, high-sulfur, and high-asphalt materials were solved. Low-temperature water injection and high-temperature oil injection under coking pilot conditions were initially implemented to suppress the technical problems of coking furnace tubes. At present, the company is actively planning the second phase of research and development of low-quality super heavy oil coking pilot plant technology.

The appraisal expert believes that this achievement has been successful with a 100% low-quality super-heavy oil as the raw material for coking pilot tests, filling the domestic gap in pilot coking experimental research of the same-scale pilot plant, providing basic design data for the technical transformation of industrial test equipment, and exploring the same time. The test procedures and methods under the premise of comprehensive control of safety and environmental protection are of great significance for the coking test of Liaohe Petrochemical Industry.

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