Loeb Engine won the title of China's Leading Enterprise in Agricultural Machinery Parts

Recently, the 2016 China Agricultural Machinery Parts Industry Summit was held in Quanjiao County, Anhui Province. The agricultural machinery parts industry summit was organized by China Agricultural Machinery Industry Association and co-organized by the China Agricultural Machinery Industry Association's Parts and Components Association. The evaluation and awarding ceremony of China's leading agricultural machinery parts and components companies was held at the meeting. The Loewo engine was once again named "China's leading agricultural machinery parts and components company."
honor certificate honor certificate

China Agricultural Machinery Industry Association once every three years, organize a large number of well-known experts in the agricultural machinery industry, according to the company's production and operation scale, market share, brand influence and other factors, the selection of industry-leading outstanding leading enterprises. Agricultural Machinery OEMs will increase the technical and quality level of the entire agricultural machinery industry by purchasing parts and components of outstanding leading companies. This selection has an important guiding role for the selection of supporting agricultural machinery OEMs.

Since the start of the selection process, 140 enterprises have registered for the application through enterprise declarations and recommendation by the host company. After a rigorous review of the host companies and industry experts organized by the association, the Loewon engine won this honor again, which fully demonstrates that the Loeb Engine is The influence and recognition of the agricultural machinery industry.

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