Linglong tires actively participate in the exhibition to enhance the brand

In the 2018 tire competitiveness rankings announced by industry insiders recently, Linglong Group Co., Ltd. ranks in the top three in terms of competitiveness of domestic brands. This year, the sales volume of auto parts declined, and the tire industry was particularly affected. Exquisite tires actively participated in the exhibition and adopted various measures to enhance the brand, promote sales and improve quality.

At the 28th Essen International Tire Exhibition, which was just over, the Elsevier Tire brought new development products to the show.

The German Essen Tire Exhibition, also known as the Reifen Exhibition in Germany, is held every two years. It is the largest tire and related professional exhibition in the world with the most extensive and most influential exhibits. In recent years, with the development of the world's tire industry, the exhibition is characterized by high quality service, strong professionalism and powerful branding! This exhibition is famous for its charisma and influence, and has developed into a global trend for tires and related industries. There are a total of 44 countries from Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Denmark, France, the United Kingdom, India, and Japan. Nearly 650 tire companies in the region participated. There are as many as 19,000 professional visitors. The world’s top 20 tire giants have made their debut.

According to the person in charge of the company, Linglong Tire exhibited a total of 12 distinctive new products at the exhibition, including GREEN-Max4X4HP, R701, LR650, LTL812, LTL811, LDL831, and the Winter-Lite GREEN-Max Winter series, attracting numerous new products. Old customers' attention.

At the exhibition site, the reporter saw business personnel and technicians face to face with the visitors, allowing customers to more directly understand the new product information. Through the exchanges, the reporter learned that most of the customers showed great interest in the company's new trailer tire R701, agricultural tire LR650, truck tire LDL831 and winter tire series, and they have cooperation intentions.

During the exhibition, exquisite organized a dealer appreciation dinner. Before the dinner, Wang Feng, general manager of Linglong Tire, and Wang Guomei, deputy general manager, introduced the new product development and future development planning, branding and marketing strategies, the process of the Thai project, and the opening of the new logo, and played the latest company news. The video of the event enabled the client to further understand the efforts and progress made by Exquisite in the globalization process, and strengthened the confidence and determination to cooperate with Exquisite.

"By participating in this international professional exhibition, we laid the foundation for the further development of Linglong's international market, and at the same time we have enhanced the international reputation and brand image of Linglong Tire." Wang Feng told reporters.

Used in chemical reactor

The reducer is the most component of the reactor, and it plays very important role in producing the reactor. How we choose the suitable reducer for reactor?

1.      Cycloidal reducer: It had types of BLB11, BLB12, BLB13, BLB14, BLB15 and BLB16, which separately matches the relevant reactor. The speed of reducer ranges from 35r/min, 63r/min, 87r/min, to 130r/min. The different ratio of reducer match the different stir form of reactor. For example: the speed of 63r/min is generally used for sticky material and selecting frame reactor agitator. The speed of 85r/min is suitable for medium thick and anchor reactor kettle. The material is water aqua and paddle reactor at the speed of 130r/min.

2.      Special or very sticky material often chooses worm speed reducer and Helical bevel speed reducer, which is now widely used in industry. The two types of reducer has big torque and goof fatigue resistance. It is more energy-saving than cycloidal reducer. Worm speed reducer and bevel reducer is more suitable for very sticky material, but it is more expensive.

3.      The frame of reactor fitting for above reducer includes normal output axle and DJ type, DJ type is especially good in use, because it has reliable support, high precision on processing of reactor agitator. This point will make the mechanical seal of reactor more smooth, make the leakproofness of reactor better. 

Reducers Used In Chemical Reactor

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