Light-duty reducer can also be used with two crankshaft structures

Robot technology and application The complex rolling tooth drive is based on the full-rolling movable tooth drive, and absorbs the structural characteristics of the advanced RV drive, thus inventing a new type of movable tooth drive. In order to meet the demand for precision reducers in the industrial robot and automatic control system market, the cycloidal wheel meshes with the pin gears in the housing to generate a decelerating motion. The motion is output through the crankshaft to dial the output disc, and if the output shaft is fixed, it can also be output through the housing. In the actual structure, in order to improve the carrying capacity and equalize the internal force, after the power is input by the driving pinion, the three driven gears are usually used to drive the three crankshafts to synchronously drive two 180° Cycloidal wheels for planetary motion. The teeth of the cycloidal wheel mesh with the pin of the pin wheel for transmission. Both ends of the crankshaft are supported on the output disc and the support disc. The three plates are connected by three pillars. The corresponding position on the cycloidal wheel has three holes large enough to straddle the strut so that the cycloidal wheel does not interfere with the strut when the eccentric is eccentrically moved. The output disc and the support disc are supported by two large-diameter extra-light main bearings. On the housing, two crankshaft configurations are also available for lightly loaded retarders. The success of RV drives has depended on their ingenious structural design. To this end, the precision reducers newly developed by several foreign companies have imitated the basic structure of the RV transmission. First, there is a great load on the support bearings at both ends of the crankshaft in the basic structure, making the crankshaft bearing a limiting point for the life and load carrying capacity of such a reducer. In addition, in the manufacture of such precision reducers, in order to obtain small hysteresis and evenly distribute the load, high manufacturing precision is required. The cycloidal pinwheel drive is sensitive to machining errors, resulting in very high product cost, and it is difficult to meet the accuracy requirements of the existing machining level in China. 18. The complex rolling movable tooth drive absorbs the advantages of the basic structure of the RV transmission, and at the same time, utilizes the full The superiority of the rolling tooth drive overcomes the weakness of the RV drive.

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