Lean assists a wireless monitoring project at a foreign factory in Tangalla

I. Overview of the actual site
The customer's site is a Dangarra factory in a foreign country. The corners of the plant must be monitored because the plant is now completed. If the wiring is difficult, it takes a long time, and the efficiency is not high, it will also delay the customer's construction period. It has caused a certain degree of damage to already-built houses, so it chose to use wireless microwave for video surveillance. It reduces the troubles caused by construction wiring. The wireless microwave wireless bridge is a very convenient wireless monitoring and transmission solution. Wiring and troubles in wiring have greatly improved the efficiency of construction and brought convenience to customers.
II . On-site requirements
Surveillance cameras are distributed in various parts of the plant. The transmission distance will not exceed 1 km. The camera used is 2.1 million network HD. A total of 13 monitoring points, including a monitoring point near the monitoring center, can choose the wiring, other Optional wireless transmission.
The specific plan is divided into three areas, marked as shown in the figure, is divided into one area. Because the five cameras are close to each other, one LA-5810E can be used for receiving. The front end uses LA-5839S to launch the No. 6.7. Using a LA-5810E to receive the far from the 12th, with 2 LA-5810E to receive. The remaining area is also received with a LA-5810, the useless change Similarly, the topology diagram of the wireless network using the LA-5830S.com constitutes the wireless networking scheme diagram. A total of 13 points are transmitted using 12 wireless bridges and 4 wireless bridges are received. One of them is used for wiring. connection.

Three . On-site construction pay attention to things
1. The customer's site is 24H real-time monitoring. In order to ensure the normal monitoring of the field environment of the wireless monitoring equipment, all wireless monitoring equipment and monitoring equipment must provide stable voltage power supply.
2. The normal power supply voltage of the wireless bridge is DC 12-24V. Each wireless bridge will configure a POE and a power adapter for the customer.
3. The bridge connecting the camera and the wireless bridge also has a POE network cable, which can use CAT5E (control within 70m) or CAT6 (control within 100m).
4. Wireless monitoring belongs to the local area network. The IP address of the wireless bridge cannot conflict with the IP address of the camera.
5. The switch used in this wireless monitoring scheme should be as high as possible.

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