Key Analysis of Long-term Sustainable and Stable Development of LED Lighting Enterprises

The growth of LED lighting companies is just like the growth of people. From birth to becoming the world's top 500, it is necessary to go through the process of initial creation, medium-innovation and strengthening, and the management objectives, work priorities and strategic decisions of each stage are all It is different. It is like the growth of people. It must go through various stages such as infants, adolescents, youth, middle-aged and old age. The needs of people at each stage are different, and the management focus will be different. The only difference between the growth of LED lighting companies and the growth of people is that, as long as there is no accident, whether it is rich or poor, people can basically complete the entire miles of life, that is, the end of life; and LED lighting companies are different. If you don't do well, LED lighting companies will be difficult to sustain, and it will be difficult to end. If you do well, you can become a century-old LED lighting company. The achievement of a person's life is mainly due to the education and life experience and the efforts of the day after tomorrow. How far LED lighting companies can go depends on the company's main leadership team and its corresponding management team. The leadership team and the management team will have family members more or less. How to correctly guide and solve the relationship between enterprise development and personnel management is the key to the long-term sustainable and stable development of LED lighting enterprises. LED lighting entrepreneurs in the management and management process, why put so much enthusiasm and painstaking efforts to run the business? Perhaps at the beginning of the business or when the company is struggling on the road to life and death, LED lighting entrepreneurs will go all out, but when the company has developed very well, we will still see entrepreneurs who are doing their best to manage the company. We can't help but ask, then we have to work hard, what exactly are we doing? Since we have the money we can't use for a lifetime, how much do we have to do? Are we fighting for the development of the company? Fighting for the honor of entrepreneurs? Still fighting for a successful enterprise platform for the next generation? When a company develops into a strong enterprise group, many of us may think. At this moment, what is the inner thinking of LED lighting entrepreneurs? Many people may not understand entrepreneurs. Although they are at the forefront of the economic tide, they have long been sitting on hundreds of millions of assets. In fact, they may have long understood the meaning of money. They understand that the highest realm of running a business is to manage their lives. They understand that no matter how much wealth he has, in the end, he can't take it away. All the wealth comes from society. In the end, it will be returned to the society in different ways. They are just operating and managing it. Their greatest happiness is in the business process, just as the greatest happiness in life is in the process of life. Lin Zexu once said: Children and grandchildren are not as good as me. What is the use of money? Stupid and rich, more and more; if the children and grandchildren are like me, what is the use of money? The wise and rich, the loss of their ambitions. We all want to leave the best and most precious to our loved ones, but what is the greatest wealth in life? Most people think that as long as we leave a lot of money for them, it is the greatest love for them. As everyone knows, money makes them lose their direction and lose their self. As an excellent LED lighting entrepreneur, we should regard operating enterprises as a very noble profession. Since entrepreneurs are only a profession, we must use professional ethics to demand ourselves, and the pursuit of maximizing monetary profits is no longer The main purpose of the enterprise is to pursue human progress, institutional norms, social harmony, employee happiness and living and working through the development of the enterprise. This is the greatest contribution of entrepreneurs to enterprises and society. The amount of shares in the LED lighting entrepreneurs in the enterprise may be just the necessary means and enforcement of the business. How to build and build the healthy development of the whole enterprise is the pursuit of entrepreneurs. After completing the original accumulation and rapid development of the enterprise, we must know how to avoid and reduce the risks of the enterprise, and understand how to manage through advanced systems and reasonable mechanisms. Use the rule of law to replace the rule of man. And learn to let go, including how to gradually dilute your own equity, when you hand over the scepter, you must also know that people are good and not to be crony, especially for their children to fully understand their talents, abilities and hobbies. Don't use the shackles of the company to ruin the happiness and happiness of their lives. Therefore, LED lighting enterprises have developed to a certain stage, and the corporate framework and personnel relations have to change accordingly. Moreover, LED lighting entrepreneurs themselves are also included in personnel changes. If entrepreneurs cannot correctly handle such changes, they cannot reasonably establish appropriate Equity institutions and organizational structures can not move forward and fall free, then the development of LED lighting companies will encounter fatal obstacles. (China Hardware Mall)

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