Jinan Military District Officer and First Class Hero Xie Guozhi Save 6 People

Jinan Military District Military Officer, First Class Xie Guojiang Zhi saves six people under the water diesel generator | Diesel Generator Price / 2012-05-22

Jinan, May 22nd, was the first class hero in the past, and he is now making new contributions. In the past few days, the feat of Xie Guojiang, the head of a comprehensive training base of the Jinan Military Area Command, who rescued six people who had fallen into the water, was known as a story in Jinan, Quancheng.
On the afternoon of May 5th, Xie Guojiang took a rest on weekends and took his family to visit Zaolin Reservoir in Xiying Town, Jinan. Around 15:50, when they were ready to pack up and go home, they suddenly heard a rush of help. On a surface about 60 meters away from them, a cruise ship rolled over due to mishandling. At that time there were 6 people on board, including a man, three women and two children.
Too late to think, Xie Guojiang jumped into the water, struggling to push an abandoned cruise ship on the shore to swim to the sink, and arrive in the waters of the incident in less than two minutes. At this point, all six tourists have fallen into the water.
Because of the great wind in the afternoon, people were floating. Xie Guojiang considered that the boat should first stop beside the women with babies. He promptly lifted the baby, which was only about one year old, near him, and sent it to Xia Bojun, who was on the rescue boat. Afterwards, Xie Guojiang successively rescued three women. When he turned to look for the fifth drowning man, he found that the man had fallen into the water. At a critical moment, Xie Guojiang slammed into the water with a swift attack on the little girl who was sinking, and tried her best to pull her out of the water. At this time, Xie Guojiang’s physical strength was almost exhausted. When he again went back to the next man, the man clung tightly to Xie Guojiang’s instinct. Seeing that the two men are going to sink immediately, Xie Guojiang calmly and recumbently clamped the man's chest and tried his best to push him to the side of the boat, hold the cabin, and join the masses to push the boat to the shore.
Witnessing the masses said that the reservoir was too deep, ten meters deep, and it was dangerous to fall. The PLA lost the day to help, or it could be disastrous.
Six tourists were saved. Xie Guojiang, however, was suffering from severe diarrhea due to the influx of large amounts of sewage, and a long soaking time in low-temperature water. He is currently undergoing treatment in hospitals. After the news spread, people from all walks of life in Jinan City reacted strongly and rushed to the hospital.
The commander of the Jinan Military Area Command, Fan Changlong, visited the General Hospital of the Jinan Military Region to visit Xie Guojiang, who is undergoing treatment, and presented him with condolence payments. He also repeatedly took care of the medical staff to save the hero to recover without leaving any regrets.
Xie Guojiang’s feat of saving the people who fell into the water is also hotly debated on the Internet. The netizen said in the thread that Xie Guojiang was able to step forward at a crucial moment and successfully rescued six people under the assistance of the surrounding people. This not only reflected the decisive, brave, and fearless sacrifice of fighting style of the soldiers, but also demonstrated scientific salvation. , flexibility and flexibility of the opportunity to adapt.
In an interview, the reporter learned that there is a series of touching stories behind Xie Guojiang’s rescue of feats. As early as 1994, Xie Guojiang began to use its own subsidy to support poverty-stricken children in Yimeng Mountain to go to school, and led the organization to establish 42 "love contact groups." For more than a decade, under his efforts, the "Love Contact Group" has rescued more than 1,200 impoverished students. In February 2000, the United Nations Development Program and the China Youth Development Foundation jointly awarded Xie Guojiang the “Foreign Youth Poverty Eradication Award”. In May of the same year, the Jinan Military Region wrote Xie Guojiang’s first class performance.
Xie Guojiang said: “I just did something that I should do. The community has given me a lot of love and care. After I leave the hospital, if I have people in trouble, I will not hesitate to come forward.” (Finish)
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