Jilin Petrochemical Successfully Lifts Diesel Hydrogen Core Equipment

On July 25, with the Jilin Petrochemical 10 million-ton refinery project, the hydrogenation reactor of the diesel hydrogenation unit was successfully hoisted once. The installation of large equipment has been fully installed.
The hydrogenation reactor with a weight of 243 tons, a length of 22.3 meters and a diameter of 3.6 meters is the core equipment of the diesel hydrogenation plant. As the heaviest and last installed large-scale equipment, its successful lifting in place not only ensures that the overall progress of the plant is controlled, but also provides a powerful guarantee for the installation of hydrogenation reactor steel structures and the configuration of process pipelines.
The overall control objectives of the 10 million-ton oil refinery project are: the atmospheric decompression device will be built on September 10, and the catalytic cracking device will be built on September 20th. All the devices will be put into trial operation before the end of this year.

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