Jiangsu Jinling vibrating fluidized bed dryer for multiple materials

The state-owned high-tech enterprise Jiangsu Jinling Drying Technology Co., Ltd. (formerly Changzhou Jinling Drying Equipment Co., Ltd.) developed a new type of vibrating fluidized bed dryer that has been used by many companies for its advantages of high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection, good drying quality, and low material damage. Citric acid, glucose, xylitol, glycine, mycelia and other materials are dry. This product has obtained the national utility model patent.
The dryer is a horizontal structure. The wet material enters the machine from the feed inlet. Under the action of the vibration force, it is thrown forward in the horizontal direction and continuously moves. The hot air passes through the fluidized bed and exchanges heat with the wet material. After being dusted by the cyclone separator, it is discharged from the exhaust outlet, and the dry material is discharged from the discharge outlet. The dryer has a high thermal efficiency and is more than 30% energy-saving than ordinary drying equipment. The bed temperature is evenly distributed, there is no local overheating phenomenon, fluidization is uniform, there is no dead angle phenomenon, and the material surface has little damage, and can be used for drying of fragile materials. The regular materials can also be used without affecting the effect. It is driven by a vibrating motor. The operation is stable, the noise is small, the service life is long, and maintenance is convenient. The thickness of the material layer and the moving speed and amplitude of the machine can be adjusted within the design range. Well, the width of the product is applicable. With a fully-enclosed structure, cross-contamination between materials and the outside is effectively prevented, the environment is clean and tidy, and continuous operation is possible. When used for mass production of high-moisture materials, multiple series methods can be used to meet the requirements; The height of the chemical compartment and the dust trapping can be selected according to the characteristics of the material. Segmented air inlet or on-line screening can also be designed according to the drying needs.

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