Internet car rental software push "0 yuan rent" showman

The citizen Mr. Chen planned to buy a car in the middle of the year, but he has not photographed the license plate so far, so he rented a car from a P2P car rental software as a means of transport before the car.
The reporter found that Internet car rental software has increased its promotion efforts at the end of the year. There are not a few people like Mr. Chen who have turned to car rental because of the difficulty in obtaining license plates.

Mr. Gao was also attracted by the “0 RMB rent” activity of a car rental software. He subscribed to a Skoda Ming Rui by downloading the APP for the event. “Originally rented for 180 yuan a day, because the rent is less than 200 yuan, so the first day is free. I only rent one day, so I don't spend money."

However, Mr. Chen, who has used the car rental software for a period of time, believes that this activity is only a “stunt” during promotion. "'0 yuan rent' is only a one-off discount after all, attracting people to register, will not be used in the future, or to see the cost-effective and car experience."

The reporter found that, in contrast, P2P car rental in the daily rent still has obvious price advantage. Because it is renting a private car at someone's home, most cars are rented for less than 300 yuan a day. 500 yuan can be rented to BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Audi and other famous cars.

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