Improve the safety and stability of the gear unit

The characteristics of the pin wheel output pin-spindle planetary transmission, compared with the small-tooth difference involute reducer, the pin-spindle planetary transmission has a large number of meshing teeth at the same time, a small meshing angle, a large effective transmission component, a large transmission ratio range, and gear teeth. The surface is hardened to achieve greater load carrying capacity, higher transmission efficiency and longer working life.
Compared with the traditional cycloidal pinion planetary transmission, the pin wheel output pin-pitch planetary transmission not only obtains a new structure that can realize dynamic and static balance, but also eliminates the output mechanism with high manufacturing precision and requires stable output. The shaft replaces the output mechanism of the cantilever support, so that the rigidity and strength of the output shaft are improved, and the structural size is no longer limited, thereby expanding the power range and exerting the advantages of the cycloidal multi-tooth conjugate meshing hard tooth surface transmission. The transmitted power is larger and the transmission accuracy is improved.
The new ring plate type reducer usually adopts a double crank parallelogram mechanism to realize the plane translation of the ring plate, thereby pushing the involute gear or the cycloid gear of the output shaft to rotate, and the type transmission uses the box body to fix the traditional small tooth difference reducer. The pin in the output mechanism limits the rotation of the planet wheel to obtain the planar motion of the cycloidal wheel and then pushes the output shaft component pin wheel to rotate. Comparing the two structural forms, it can be seen that the new type of transmission reduces the number of moving parts, omitting the two crankshafts with high requirements for manufacturing and mounting accuracy, and does not need to consider the problem of the dead crank of the driven crank due to the parallelogram mechanism. Improves the safety and stability of the operation of the reducer.

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