Huaxiang fought Jiangxi Jiangxi Fuqi parts giant to follow the trend

Recently, Huaxiang Group Chairman Zhou Cimei revealed on the Huaxiang Fuqi 6500 press conference in Beijing that Huaxiang Group, which had just received Zhongxing Automobile from Huachen last year, has already withdrawn from Zhongxing Automobile and injected funds into it. Jiangxi Fuqi Automobile Co., Ltd., Huaxiang will rely on Foch to achieve its leap from auto parts manufacturing to vehicle manufacturing. Divestance ZTE: Huaxiang's “One Fish” Strategy Huaxiang Group is a large-scale enterprise with assets of more than 2 billion yuan. It is famous for auto parts manufacturing, and its products have been supplied to domestic and foreign mainstream brands such as FAW, SAIC, GM, and Ford. It is called "China's Delphi." Yesterday, Zhou Xiangmei, Chairman of the Huaxiang Group, who spoke in Ningbo, broke a “spike” with this reporter: Huaxiang will withdraw from Zhongxing Automobile, which just took over one year. Zhou Cuimei said that the board of directors of Huaxiang has decided to make major adjustments to Huaxiang’s development strategy, withholding 30% of the previously held 60% of Zhongxing Auto’s shares and retaining only 20% of the shares. The increase in shareholdings to 80% has become the largest shareholder of Jiangxi Fuqi and will establish an independent sales network for Fuqi in the country. Zhou Meimei called this adjustment a "fish" strategy. He said that in the past both Huaxiang and Zhongxing had shares in ZTE and Foch, which was like two people catching two fish at the same time. It was inevitable that they would bump into each other. . Zhou Cimei said that after Huaxiang took over Fuqi, he has decided to increase his input substantially. The first phase of the Fuqi Auto Industrial Park, which plans to invest 1.5 billion yuan, has been fully started in 2003. It will build a production base with an annual output of 30,000 SUVs within two years, and will reach an annual production capacity of 100,000 vehicles in 2006. Only building SUVs: Hua Xiang's strategy of “escape competition” Zhou Cuimei said that the strength of Huaxiang Group is the production of parts and components for cars, so making cars is also a matter of course. However, we do not intend to make a car because we are supporting actors in the car industry. As long as the supporting role is completed, the company will develop. If we are not reconciled to supporting a car as a supporting role, we will compete with our partners. This is obviously not good for Huaxiang. The creation of SUV can avoid this kind of competition, and at the same time, it can give full play to our spare parts advantage and make our Fuqi 6500 more sophisticated and competitive. Fuqi 6500: Huaxiang's "excellent engineering" strategy According to Zhou Cimei, the Fuqi 6500 launched by Huaxiang after Fuqi was a high-end independent intellectual property company developed by Fuqi Automobile Co., Ltd., which introduced the Toyota Land Cruiser. SUV. It also has a great advantage in comfort and safety performance, and the price is much lower than similar products in the high-end, the standard type price is 139,800 yuan, so its listing will bring a certain amount of domestic SUV market Impact. Zhou Cimei also revealed that Huaxiang has listed the Fuqi 6500 as a “boutique project” and will launch new models such as four-wheel drive, automatic transmission, and luxury. Source: Sohu