How to set up the wiper

The temperature of the automobile glass is as high as 50 degrees, and the heat dissipation is very slow. If the wiper is not put up, the rubber on the wiper will always be in contact with the high temperature glass, and it will be deformed after a long time. Once it is raining, the wiper will not effectively remove the rain from the front windshield. It is a small matter that the wiper is broken, and traffic safety is a big deal.


Careful car owners may also find out that 4S shop parking lots generally do this.


The wiper should also be erected on snow.


This is to prevent the wiper from freezing in freezing weather. Some owners have no experience and found that there is ice on the window, they want to open the wiper to wipe, I did not expect the wiper to be frozen, forced to open it is easy to damage the wiper motor. Therefore, the wiper should also be erected on snow. The problem is coming again, how is the wiper erected?

How to set up the wiper?

1. First insert the car key (without turning on the power), and pull the handle of the wiper down, as shown below:


2. The wiper will now be in front of the glass, as shown below:


3. Finally, slap it up and the wiper will stand up.


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