How to properly use explosion-proof cabinet for explosion protection

Explosion-proof cabinets are mainly used in dangerous industries. The main function of explosion-proof cabinets is when the current in the environment is abnormal, the function of explosion-proof cabinets is to naturally cut off the power and protect the products. Explosion-proof cabinet explosion protection effect is very good, and precisely because of the explosion-proof cabinet explosion-proof effect, so the explosion-proof cabinet is also a very wide range of applications. So, how to properly use explosion-proof cabinets for explosion protection?
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Explosion-proof cabinets are mainly used in chemical plants, textile factories, and warehouses that store corrosive substances. The use of explosion-proof cabinets in these facilities has two main characteristics:
1. The air in the site contains a large number of flammable and explosive masonry or liquids that are prone to explosion. For example, if a large number of cotton threads and fabrics are accumulated in a textile factory, a short circuit phenomenon in the factory can easily cause fires, etc.
2. There are generally a large number of electrical appliances in the premises, and the normal operation of chemical plants and textile mills is inseparable from the use of machinery. Machinery is susceptible to safety hazards due to aging or high currents.
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The installation of explosion-proof cabinets directly affects its use. Under normal circumstances, explosion-proof cabinets are installed on the main line. Of course, there are also examples of installation on each sub-line. In general factories, circuit breakers are used to detect mechanical failures. In the event of mechanical failure, the circuit breaker will be automatically powered off, and problems such as sparks and arcs that are likely to cause safety hazards will not arise at all and the occurrence of explosions will be eliminated from the root.
Explosion-proof cabinet is a product with high usage rate in explosion-proof electrical appliances. In today's explosion-proof equipment, whether explosion-proof cabinets or explosion-proof air conditioners and other explosion-proof electrical appliances, enterprises need to learn the correct method of use and be able to use them during use. Good maintenance and maintenance help everyone to better use explosion-proof electrical products.

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