How many methods are currently used to strengthen the action of the agent?

The role of fortified agents: can increase the flotation rate and improve the flotation index and reduce the amount of rare agents.

Several methods are commonly used at present: 1) mixed drugs; 2) correct control of other process factors; 3) correct selection of dosing sites and dosing methods; 4) proper storage of pharmaceuticals.

Practice has shown that mixing multiple collectors is much better than using a collector alone. Experiments show that, for example, when the flotation sphalerite, long-chain xanthate effective than short-chain and long-chain and short chain used in combination of more effective; in the copper-zinc flotation, ethyl, and butyl The combination of xanthate and butyl xanthate alone can reduce the loss of copper in tailings by 4% and the loss of zinc by about 1.5%.

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