How does the year-end car industry drama really be so good?

How does the year-end car industry drama really be so good? This week, the key words: "Great Wall", Ssangyong Motors, Yaxing, loans to buy cars, inventory of Great Wall Lubricants, and Great Wall Motors won the eye last week. First, Great Wall Motor was listed in Hong Kong and made a lot of money. On December 17th, Sinopec Lubricant Company formally announced that it had hired Zhang Yimou to direct the latest advertisement of Great Wall Lubricants. This reminds people of a new car that also recently asked the old admonitor to direct their advertising. In fact, in the face of market pressure, any tricks of the manufacturers are justified. It doesn't matter if the ads are effective or not. The buzzwords of the automotive industry last week included South Korea's Ssangyong Motor. First, China Bluestar Group announced that it has become the preferred target for the sale of Ssangyong Motor’s equity, and it has also been reported that SAIC Group has been approved by the National Development and Reform Commission to become the exclusive Chinese purchaser of South Korea’s Ssangyong Motor Company. Whoever gains or loses seems to indicate that the vision of Chinese companies is wide, and it is a good thing to begin to go abroad. This capital game in the auto industry is also being staged domestically. On December 17, Refrigerator giant Greencool purchased Yaxing. Although it was the first time that the domestic automobile industry had begun to reorganize the assets of listed companies and private companies, it was not new for the “outsiders” to enter the auto industry. Is it really so good for cars? The following figure may be a testament to car temptation. According to the latest statistics, as of the end of October, the balance of auto loans of commercial banks has exceeded 180 billion yuan. At the end of last year, it was only more than 700 billion yuan, and the growth of personal consumption auto loans was very rapid. The reasons are both the consumer's approval for loan purchases and the huge increase in car purchases. It is also the popularity of this car, to the root of the year, people find that some of the cars in 2003 are worth talking about. So various media began to be busy with all sorts of inventory: Top 10 best-selling cars, Top 10 “best” forms, Top 10 News Figures, Top Ten News, Top Ten Youth, Top Ten Keywords... all over the world, trying their best to revamp . In fact, things are done rather than spoken, but some say that at least the car industry colleagues have been working hard. So, we hope there will be more in the auto market next year. Xiu Yu