High-end power plant torque and speed measuring instruments developed through acceptance

[China Instrument Network Instrument R&D] Recently, the Zhejiang Provincial Metrology Institute participated in the national major scientific instrument and equipment development “High-end Power Unit Torque and Velocity Measuring Instruments R&D and Application” project passed the comprehensive acceptance of the Ministry of Science and Technology.

Acceptance meeting site. Photo source Zhejiang Institute of Metrology
The Zhejiang Provincial Metrology Institute undertook two research tasks of the “development of automatic non-disturbing solid material volume measurement device” and “development of radar velocity measurement instrument on-site speed measurement error verification method and device”.
"Automatically non-disturbing solid material volume measuring instrument" is an important part of the high-accuracy high-quality parameter measuring device. The accuracy of the measuring device is better than six ten thousandths, and the high-accuracy of the quality parameter in the torque measuring instrument for high-end power can be achieved. Degree measurement; “Research on the method and device for certifying the error rate of on-site speed measurement of radar speedometer” studied the method of on-site speed measurement error falsification of radar speedometer, and developed a radar speedometer on-site speed error falsification device, which effectively ensured the radar speedometer on-site. The test data is accurate and reliable, providing an intuitive basis for analyzing the speed error.
Acceptance experts agree that key technical achievements such as the reappearance of large torques supported by static air bearings, automatic measurement of non-disturbance large-scale parameters, and high-precision wide-range dual-antenna Doppler radar speed measurement have been achieved in major national instrument special studies. International advanced level.
(Original title: National Major Scientific Instruments Special Project of Provincial Metrology Institute Passes Comprehensive Acceptance)