High-efficiency, environmental-friendly, no-leakage environment-friendly dump truck to solve the secondary pollution of garbage

Garbage is always reminiscent of dirty, messy, smelly terms.

In the garbage collection and transportation process, the secondary pollution of the garbage to the environment has also been an industry problem.

As a developer and manufacturer of environmental sanitation equipment, and a provider of waste treatment system solutions, Zoomlion Environment has never tired out of research on waste disposal and has been working hard to explore it.

China United Environmental dump truck China United Environmental dump truck

Recently, the latest domestic refuse-free leak-free stations launched by Zoomlion Environment Co., Ltd. have received and trans-shipped the models through a high-level, non-leakage dump truck and dumped them directly into the overall station. This is more efficient than the traditional garbage collection trucks that have poured into the overall station hopper mode. Solve the problem of secondary pollution such as sewage drip and garbage spillage.

This model consists of the LYSZ18B2 overall station and the ZLJ5040ZZZ dump truck. It is mainly used for the collection and transportation of domestic garbage in urban streets, commercial areas, residential factories, schools, and hospitals.

The LYSZ18B2 overall station is docked with the station of the ZLJ5040ZZZ dump truck, which allows the garbage truck to unload directly into the compression chamber of the compressor, eliminating the need for secondary inversion of the material, making it highly efficient, environmentally friendly, and economical.


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