From which aspects can be judged to be water-related vehicles

In the used car market, we must make a reasonable judgment on whether the vehicle is wading or not when it comes to buying a car. The used car market is a mixed bag. Although there are clear regulations that should be clearly marked on whether the used car is wading, many people pass it. The vehicle was refurbished and covered this issue. So if you judge whether the vehicle is a wading vehicle? Share some judgments with everyone.


First, from the aspect of the appearance of the vehicle. If we were to renovate a flooded vehicle, we would hardly see any difference in appearance, but if we look closely, we will still find something different. For example, the car that has been blistering in the lamp bowl has a yellow phenomenon, and the lamp's oldness and newness are also different. Under normal circumstances, if the vehicle is used for many years, the lamp will be worn out. If the vehicle is flooded, many manufacturers will directly replace the old lamp. This leads to a mismatch. From this detail, it can be seen whether the car is submerged. . The other thing is to look at the steel hub of the parking space and see if there are traces of rust in this area, because the flooded vehicles will generally flood into the water. From the rust level, it can be seen whether the vehicle is wading. Observing the car from the outside We have to pay more attention to the details so that we can find evidence of wading.

Second, look at the interior decoration of the vehicle. From the interior of the vehicle, it is relatively easy to see whether it involves wading. By smelling smells, looking at colors, and observing the overall structure, one can see whether the vehicles are wading and damaged. There is a musty smell inside the wading car, and this smell can not disappear through the fragrance or the window scent. The moldy odor will last for a long time. In addition, if the vehicle is immersed in water, there will be mildew or rust in some places, such as cushions, car mats, etc., there will be mildew, the vehicle seat bracket will rust, the other metal parts of the car There will also be traces of corrosion.

Third, look at the operating system of the vehicle. From the operating system point of view, one is to see whether the dashboard is replaced, and the other is to see if the car has problems with the power system through the test drive experience. In fact, these are all based on experience to know whether it is a wrecker. For beginners, it is more necessary to look closely, so as not to be fooled by wagons.

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