Four major processes of FastCAM automatic co-edge nesting software

FastCAM is a full-automatic co-edge cutting and nesting software, which is mainly used for drawing, programming, nesting of arbitrary shape parts including flame cutting machines, plasma cutting machines, laser cutting machines and other CNC cutting equipment. , checksum and CNC cutting software. FastCAM automatic co-edge nesting software has four process modules: FastCAM plotting, FastNSET nesting, FastPATH programming, FastPLOT verification. Today, Wuhan Naiba CNC gave everyone a detailed introduction to the performance of these four process modules.
FastCAM graphics module performance:
1, drawing function: similar to CAD software, you can draw a variety of parts Figure 2, CAD compatibility and drawing functions: DXF / DWG parts drawings for clearing, compression, extraction, breaking, sorting and other optimization and batch processing 3, Special cutting functions: slotting compensation, plasma bridging, flame co-edge cutting, sharp angle processing, CAD image cutting, text labeling and other functions.
FastNSET nesting module performance:
1、Manual exchange type nesting material: arbitrary rotation and movement, convenient and high efficiency, 2 semi-automatic matrix nesting: Arbitrary row, column row, matrix automatic nesting FastPATH programming module performance:
1. Programming function: manual and automatic programming functions, including powder marking, cutting path optimization, layering and multilayer cutting, 2. Multi-controllers: support for multiple controllers and ESSI, EIAG/M instructions 3, cutting process: FastPLOT calibration module performance such as slotting compensation, pre-punching, mat cutting, and seal sealing
1. NC check: automatic and manual cutting simulation, size and compensation check 2. Cost calculation: computer utilization, cutting length, punching number and processing cost 3. Conversion function: provide NC program, CAM file, DXF/DWG file The conversion between the Chinese cutting machine trading network allows you to buy the rest assured! A variety of CNC cutting machine and CNC cutting equipment, a variety of cutting machine models, let the optional! Official website: /

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