Equipped with Mann Technology 24 Sinotruk T5G trucks delivered to PetroChina

The successful delivery of China's heavy truck technology tailored equipped with MAN engines for a subordinate unit of China National Petroleum Corporation 24 T5G trucks. This is the second time the company purchased 10 units of this model last year. At the vehicle delivery site, users expressed high confidence in Sinotruk.
24 T5G Trucks with Mann Engines 24 T5G Trucks with Mann Engines

The company had purchased 10 of the four models of the model four products in 2016. After a year of use, this batch of vehicles fully satisfied the transport company’s transportation needs for transporting drill pipes and related oilfield equipment and materials, and solved the problem of cargo loading. The vehicle has a high center of gravity in transportation oilfield equipment; at the same time, the vehicle is equipped with Mantech MC07 engine, and its long oil mileage and high vehicle attendance have been well received by the users. Therefore, the company once again ordered 24 T5G models.

In order to create the best economic benefit for the users, the Chengdu Branch and Sales Network of CNHTC Sales Department conducted multiple rounds of argumentation on the relevant data in the previous period, and according to the actual transportation needs of the customers, customized loading of the T5G-D cab. The height of the cab and the cab are controlled below 2930mm, which is fully recognized by the users.

Before 2009, the company did not have a vehicle of China National Heavy Duty Truck. In recent years, with the introduction of Mantech, users have fully recognized the characteristics of high economical efficiency and high reliability of the T series products, and at the same time fully satisfied CNHTC. The business concept of the user's individual needs was appreciated, and China's heavy-duty vehicles were purchased in batches. Up to now, the company has owned more than 100 types of Chinese heavy-duty vehicles. The proportion of heavy-duty vehicles in China has exceeded 33%, and it has shown further growth.

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