"Double High" attracts enterprises to lay out special paper industry

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China Drying Network News Due to its high added value and high gross margin, the specialty paper sector is favored by the market. It is predicted that specialty papers will show rapid growth in the next 3-5 years. Businesses have been given a cup of tea in succession. However, the development of the domestic specialty paper industry lags behind, and it needs to be improved in many aspects such as product technology content and replacement speed.

Corporate active layout

At present, there are Minfeng special paper, Guanhao Hi-tech and Qifeng shares in the domestic papermaking listed companies involving special paper businesses. It is understood that Guanhao Hi-Tech Co., Ltd. has implemented the development strategy for specialty papers in 2011. On November 18, 2011, Zhanjiang Dongdao Specialty Paper and Coated Paper Industry Base project started, marking that Guanhao Hi-tech's special paper development strategy has entered the full implementation stage. . Guanhao Hi-tech said in its 2011 annual report that the base is expected to be partially put into operation in 2012. In an interview with a reporter from the China Securities Journal, the company’s relevant sources stated that due to the large number of typhoon events this year, the progress of the project was affected and not as fast as previously expected. If it is followed up smoothly, it is expected to start production in the second quarter of next year as soon as possible. The total investment for this base project is 7.6 billion yuan. After the project is completed and put into production, the annual papermaking capacity can reach 750,000 tons and the coating capacity can reach 355,000 tons.

The person introduced, the company's products are mainly carbonless paper and thermal paper. The main customers of carbonless copy paper are finance, taxation, banking and postal services. The demand is relatively large and relatively stable. It is worth noting that the company is the only supplier of VAT invoices in the country. In the future, with the expansion of the operation and reform of the industry and regional pilots, the company's demand for carbonless copy paper is expected to grow. At present, the total capacity of the company's carbonless paper and thermal paper is approximately 75,000 tons, and the total output in the first 11 months of this year is approximately 65,000 tons. At present, the company has a self-adhesive capacity of 65,000 tons, and its output was 12,000 tons as of November. The company's self-adhesive market is still in the stage of market expansion. Although it has begun to make profits, it still needs continuous market development. However, the person said that the future development of the company will focus on carbonless paper and thermal paper.

Minfeng special paper is mainly used for the production and sales of cigarette matching paper and special industrial paper. Everbright Securities pointed out that due to the generally stable domestic market demand for cigarette specialty papers, the company is expected to increase the added value of products by including high-end cigarette papers such as low ignition. Compared with cigarette paper products, the company's main focus in the early stage is still on industrial paper, especially on Glassin paper and transparent paper and other products. Glassin paper is driven by consumption and the industry outlook is relatively optimistic in the next few years.

Qifeng Co., Ltd. is the largest manufacturer of decorative base paper in China with a market share of 35%. In 2012, the company successfully realized the industrialization of new product wallpaper base papers. Wallpaper base paper is expected to become a new growth point for company profits in 2013.

In addition, * ST Murray chairman Gao Jingchun also said that the company will expand the proportion of specialty paper products in the future, will use special paper as the main direction of development.

It is worth noting that in addition to domestic enterprises, foreign-funded enterprises are also actively planning. On August 8th this year, UPM, the world’s third-largest paper product manufacturer, announced that it would invest in the construction of a brand new all-wood specialty paper production line at its plant in Changshu, China. The total investment is expected to reach RMB 3 billion. It is expected that it can produce 360,000 tons of uncoated paper and high-quality label paper, and it will be officially put into production at the end of 2014.

The industry is lagging behind

According to statistics, in 2011, the global specialty paper market capacity was 140-16,000 tons. According to industry estimates, specialty papers will show rapid growth in the next 3-5 years, especially in China and India. Everbright Securities believes that specialty paper, as a growth-oriented subdivision paper in the paper industry, is expected to benefit from the accelerated development of the 12th Five-Year Plan for new materials in the future. The industry is pregnant with investment opportunities.

However, the current development of China's specialty paper industry is relatively backward. According to statistics, the US market capacity in 2009 was 3.04 million tons. In 2011, the sales volume of specialty paper in China was 1.79 million tons, which was only 60% of the capacity in the United States in 2009. In 2002, China's specialty paper accounted for 2.5% of paper products, and in 2011 it dropped to 1.8%. However, specialty papers in mature countries account for 5%-6%. In addition, the compound growth rate of the domestic paper industry from 2000 to 2011 was 9.6%, while that of specialty paper was only 7.6%.

According to the analysis, the output of domestic specialty papers is very low and far from meeting the needs of Chinese specialty papers. However, due to the wide range of application of specialty papers, high performance and added value, domestic small and medium-sized specialty paper mills have received technical support from research institutions. This has made the development of specialty papers in China a certain obstacle. At present, the development of the domestic specialty paper industry is still lagging behind, and there is an urgent need for improvement in terms of product technology content, ability to lead the market consumption, and product upgrading.

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