Dongfeng Bus Signed Wuhan Strategic Market to Deliver First Fashion Commuter Cars

On the morning of August 27, Dongfeng Bus Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd., held a strategic market cooperation signing ceremony in Wuhan and delivered the first batch of 10 Dongfeng fashion buses as Wuhan regional commuter vehicles. For the future, Dongfeng Bus enters the Wuhan commuter car market in batches and becomes the first choice for companies commuting vehicles.

On the same day, Dongfeng Bus Company and Reynolds, Smith, and GETRAK signed and exchanged the first strategic cooperation intention agreement between the Chinese company and the Wuhan Automobile Commuter Chamber of Commerce. The event signed the first batch of 30 commuter bus orders.

Dongfeng Bus Co., Ltd. has a glorious history of researching, manufacturing, and marketing bus chassis for more than 30 years, and is the only platform for the new bus business of Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd. At present, the product covers 5 series of 6 to 12 meters, 12 varieties of passenger cars and 19 series of 6 to 13.7 meters, nearly 2,000 varieties of passenger car chassis, and initially has a production capacity of 5000 passenger cars and 20,000 chassis of passenger cars. . This time, we signed the Wuhan Strategic Market Cooperation Agreement with the concept of "Complementary Market, Cooperation and Win-Win" with the Wuhan Commuter Chamber of Commerce. On the one hand, it is based on Dongfeng internal market to serve the stage results achieved by all employees of Dongfeng; on the other hand, it is looking for The blue ocean market, the new industry alliance innovation mode new journey.

Dongfeng Bus Company's signing of Wuhan's strategic market marks that Dongfeng Bus Company has taken a solid step in professionalizing the model innovation of different market segments and different industry alliances. In continuous technological innovation, Dongfeng Bus products have gradually been recognized by customers and sales have increased year by year. The Dongfeng Coach 10.5m (EQ6105L3G) commuter car is a safe, comfortable and happy model tailored for urban commuting. Has the following four characteristics:

First, the appearance of elegant and generous. The fashionable design is reflected in the EQ6105L3G. The design experts flexibly use the aesthetic principles in the car design, making the appearance of the EQ6105L3G vehicle fresh and elegant, elegant and generous, and more suitable for the solemn and introverted image of entities such as enterprises, research institutes, and universities. And temperament.

The second is the comfortable environment. EQ6105L3G interior configuration to meet the commuting trip features, simple and practical interior, high-grade fabric or imitation leather seat, wear-resistant, comfortable, not fade, texture is more excellent, adjustable backrest, side armrest, ride more comfortable. The 24,000 kcal non-independent overhead air conditioning and warm air can quickly adjust the temperature inside the car to create a suitable ride environment.

The third is stable and reliable driving. The chassis of EQ6105L3G is stable and reliable. It is equipped with Dongfeng Dana axle and reinforced truss type frame, which can ensure the safety and punctuality of each day's travel.

The fourth is an efficient power combination. EQ6105L3G is equipped with Yuchai 245PS high-power engine and Dongfeng 6-speed gearbox. It is not only suitable for city commuting, but also meets the need for long-distance travel in holiday travel and business reception.

Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd. has been developing a 10.5m commuter bus since 2008. It will enter the market in 2009 and gradually gain a good reputation in this market. With the recognition of customers, Dongfeng Bus has become a strategic product in the large-scale high-end road passenger transportation market. .

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