Cost increases before and after the Dragon Boat Festival prices are rising all the way

Near the end of the year, the Dragon Boat Festival holiday promotion carnival is approaching, brand lamps are adjusting the price of lamps, as the cost of raw materials and logistics continues to rise, the price of brand lamps will rise, and the lamps are not daily consumer goods, the price is slightly increased, consumers are not as good as others. The product is obvious.
The profit of the lighting industry is narrowing. The company plans to raise the price at the end of the month, with a range of about 15. A well-known brand store sales staff revealed to reporters that the company will adjust the price at the end of the year. Recently, due to the Dragon Boat Festival, many home stores have held promotional activities, many brands launched special lighting, but some new products are still 5 times higher than the same old price.
Costs increase the price of brand lamps and waters. The sales staff of a certain lamp told reporters that the company's brand lamps have slightly increased prices this year. The company's price adjustment is not only based on the cost increase, but also in terms of brand positioning. Logistics costs are also rising compared to raw material prices.
According to industry insiders, with the increasingly fierce market competition and the constant regulation of marketing methods, the era of profiteering in the lighting industry has passed and it has entered the era of low profit. In the lighting industry, the current income of 20 is paid to the store in the form of rent, and the income of 7 is given to logistics. Now the general profit of lighting companies is only 10, and there is no room for price reduction in a period of time. From the overall trend, the lighting industry began to rise at the end of the year, with an expected increase of 10.
The industry believes that the increase is reasonable to estimate that the comprehensive increase of various costs will reach 10 or more next year, but considering that each factory will first use the internal tapping method to digest the impact of some costs, such as slightly reducing gross profit margin, improving material utilization, and adopting More machinery reduces the manpower expenditure per unit of product and other ways to reduce the impact of rising costs. Industry insiders predict that the price increase of the lighting industry next year will be equivalent to this year, reaching 10. In this regard, many lighting companies believe that the increase of 10 is more reasonable.
Industry insiders reminded that the Dragon Boat Festival is often the time for new products to go on the market. With the opportunity to increase the price of new products, it is better to accept the price than the original products. Therefore, if you want to buy cheaper lamps, you may enter the market early.
LED lamps are not afraid of rising raw material prices, raw material prices have increased sharply, and production costs have increased sharply. Recently, the price of tri-primary phosphors with rare earth as the main raw material has reached a new high. As the price of raw materials rises, the sales of energy-saving lamps in each market Prices are also rising. Industry insiders said that the energy-saving lamp industry is facing serious challenges. However, the energy-saving lamp industry is in trouble, but unexpectedly opens a door to more energy-saving and environmentally friendly LED lamps. Since March, the price of rare earth has increased by 10 times. Energy-saving lighting has high efficiency, energy saving, good color rendering and long life. Compared with ordinary incandescent lamps, energy-saving lamps can save 60-80 energy and have a long service life of 4-6 times. The energy-saving lamp belongs to a kind of fluorescent lamp, which illuminates the phosphor coating on the inner wall of the lamp tube to achieve the purpose of illuminating, and the phosphor powder coated on the wall of the lamp tube accounts for more than 75% of the proportion of the raw material. Since April this year, the price of rare earth has skyrocketed.
In March, it was still 280 yuan a kilogram. Now it has risen to 2,600 yuan a kilogram. The quality is good and expensive. A person in charge said that this has seriously affected the development of the energy-saving lamp industry. A 100W ordinary energy-saving lamp is priced at 28 yuan, and the incandescent lamp with the same brightness in the market only needs 1.5 yuan or 2 yuan. Therefore, some enterprises rely heavily on government subsidies. It is reported that the subsidy amount of an energy-saving lamp can reach 50% of its ex-factory price. In addition, local governments will also give a certain proportion of financial subsidies when promoting energy-saving lamps. Under subsidies, the price of energy-saving lamps below 45W is comparable to that of ordinary incandescent lamps. However, this balance has been broken by this wave of price increases. LED lights are expected to provoke the rise in the price of energy-saving heavy-duty raw materials, causing serious internal injuries to energy-saving lamps, but inadvertently provide space for the development of LED lamps.
Silicon for making LED lamps is very common on the earth. The rare earth used to make a LED chip is in micrograms, while the energy-saving lamp requires a few grams. More importantly, the price difference between the two is shrinking. For example, the most popular compact energy-saving lamps for household use, the previous price was more than ten yuan, and now it has risen to more than 30 yuan, while the price of the same power LED lamps was about 80 yuan, and recently dropped to 50 yuan. In the face of the difference of 20 yuan, many people think that LED lamps are more energy-efficient, controllable, and contain no mercury, and will tend to buy LED lamps. Li Yuzhi said.
LEDs are more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly than energy-saving lamps, and the price may be declining by 20 in the future. It is an inevitable trend to replace energy-saving lamps with LED lamps. Many manufacturers have moved from the energy-saving lamp industry to the LED industry. Energy-saving lamps and small enterprises should take the initiative to adjust the most affected by this round of price increases, which is a small enterprise that produces energy-saving lamps. The reporter visited the lighting market and learned that although overseas brands such as Philips and Osram also have price fluctuations, overall sales volume has not been greatly affected. A lighting owner told reporters that the same price increase, consumers would rather spend a little more money to buy a brand name, so the brand can not sell. He intends to sell some of the miscellaneous cards at hand and will no longer purchase them from these companies. It has been reported that many energy-saving lamps companies in Fujian and Zhejiang have closed down. The energy-saving lamp industry is a labor-intensive industry. There are problems such as low technical level, high cost and heavy pollution. The rare earth is also a valuable strategic resource of the country, and the price of raw materials remains high. Liang Yueshan believes that SMEs of energy-saving lamps should take the initiative to adjust and develop new energy-saving products such as LED lamps with higher technology content, more environmental protection, more energy saving and more promising development. This is a wise move.

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