China National Heavy Duty Natural Gas Engine favored in Shanxi market

In response to the goal of “Gasification in Shanxi”, heavy trucks equipped with various heavy-duty trucks and tractors equipped with CNHTC's natural gas engines stood out. According to the statistics of the operation, the mileage from Taiyuan to Jiaocheng is approximately 150 kilometers, and each vehicle can save operating costs of about RMB 105 per vehicle. The owners lamented that cars equipped with CNHTC's natural gas engines deserve the most.

The automotive industry has gradually entered the era of environmental protection. China National Heavy Duty Truck relies on the National 863 Plan and the United States E-controls company to design and develop a new generation of electronically controlled, lean-burn, four-valve natural gas engines with complete intellectual property rights and advanced world standards. Because the engine not only has good dynamic performance and economy, but also has a wide range of torque rotation speed, superior acceleration and climbing performance, once the products are put into the market, they are widely praised by a large number of users.

In order to better serve users and maintain the good brand image of CNHTC's natural gas engine, CNHTC Engine Sales Company has set up a service center and accessories center warehouse in Shanxi, and has carried out natural gas for service stations, dealers, vehicle owners, and drivers. The omnibearing three-dimensional training of the engine, at the same time designated service stations and emergency service personnel to carry out "one-on-one nanny-style" service to large truck users.

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