Pick-up door with double-layer damping material,reduce noise,improve the working environment.
One-time laser cutting bracket sturdy wear, the use of Japan SKD-ll material tool.
Low speed Ken gear rotary knife, so that crushed material particles evenly, Significantly reduce and control the powder;
Split structure, easy disassembly, easy to clean color replacement.Up and down the warehouse and the maintenance of the mouth at the limit switch;Open the device immediately after the power state to protect the safety of operators.
Model (mm) Crusher 
(KG/H) Crusher
(R/min) Rotating
 (Power) (mm) (KG)
KW HP LxWxH Approx.Net Weight
HGL-2316 230x160 50-80 25 0.75 1 76x52x123 260
HGL-2325 230x250 80-100 25 1.5 2 94x54x137 380
HGL-2626 260x260 100-150 25 2.2 3 76x52x123 260
HGL-2636 260x360 150-200 25 3 4 94x54x137 380


PCD products are widely used in oil & gas drilling, mining, wire and cable drawing, nonferrous and nonmetallic materials machining, building materials, automobile, railroad, aerospace, national defense and other industries, while PCBN is used for machining iron and steel alloys.

Our PCD and CBN metalworking tools performs very well for machining aluminium alloy, copper, special plastic, graphite,cast irons, hardened steel and so on. 
All standard insert are grinding automaticly,so our insert`s tolerance is very high and stable. Our products had export to American, European, Japan and Southeast Asia market for many years. It had good reputation in the customers of engine block, shaft,gear, brake rotor, rolls and so on.


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