Bonded Caps

General description

CLS Bonded Caps eliminate expensive and time consuming hand assembly while preventing liner fallout. They are made by a bonding process that bonds PTFE/silicone into polypropylene closures without using adhesives. The bonding properly seats and secures the septa within the vial opening. This integrated one piece system withstands multiple injections, making it very cost effective.
Benefits include:
• Significant bond strength
• Withstands multiple injections
• Resistant to coring
• Excellent resealability
• Broad chemical resistance

bonded cap

Reagent Bottle

Reagent Bottle sizes include 100 ml, 250 ml, 500 ml, 1000 ml (1 liter) and 2000 ml (2 liter). Older bottles, especially for medical use and for expensive chemicals, can be found of capacities well under 100 ml. The selection of caps and stoppers that Reagent Bottles are closed with are as important as the material the bottles are made of, and the decision as to which cap to use is dependent on the material stored in the container, and the amount of heat which the cap can be subject to.

Reagent Bottle

Reagent Bottle

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