Ball valve overview and advantages and disadvantages of contrast

Ball valve introduction: Kalus pump valve ball valve is used with a circular channel for the opening and closing pieces of the ball, the ball with the valve stem to open and close the valve action. The opening and closing of the ball valve is a perforated ball, rotating perpendicular to the axis of the channel, so as to achieve the purpose of opening and closing channels. Ball valve is mainly used to open and close the pipeline and equipment media purposes. Introduction of the main advantages of the ball valve are as follows: For regular operation, opening and closing fast, lightweight. Small fluid resistance. Simple structure, relative size, light weight, easy maintenance. Sealing performance is not limited by the installation direction, the flow of media can be arbitrary. No vibration, low noise. The main shortcomings of the ball valve are as follows: The ball valve can be divided according to the structure: floating ball valve, fixed ball valve, flexible ball valve and oil ball valve; According to the channel can be divided into straight energy, angle and three-way, Shape and L-shaped two. By connecting workers can be divided into threaded connection, flange connection and welding three. Introduction to ball valve Installation and maintenance should pay attention to the following: to leave the valve stem rotation position can not be used for throttling. Ball valve with drive mechanism should be erected. More Search Keywords: Ball Valve