Automobile industry chain enterprise intensive network development market

From auto parts and components sales to vehicle sales, to automotive aftermarket products and services, in the context of relatively slow sales growth, in order to stabilize and expand market share, auto industry chain companies have begun to try to use the e-commerce model to open up the market. Insiders reported to the China Securities Journal that for the e-commerce platform, offline dealers, car manufacturers and car buyers, this move can be described as "win-win", under the stimulation of Internet thinking represented by Tesla, The automotive industry chain itself may have undergone changes at the industry level.

Industrial chain e-commerce surge

In April of this year, Foton Daimler Auto Accessories Tmall Store was formally put into operation. At the same time, the company launched the industry's unique one-on-one delivery training, three-year unlimited mileage warranty, and time-limited compensation service commitments and other line commitments to help users Improve operational efficiency and reduce use costs. According to company sources, Auman GTL parts sales network covers 100% of all provinces and cities in the country. At present, it has more than 100 parts supply centers and more than 2,000 accessories stores.

A Shenzhen company engaged in the research, development, production and sales of automotive diagnostics, testing and maintenance equipment also revealed to reporters that the company recently cooperated with an international e-commerce company to expand its e-commerce overseas business, mainly exporting small parts and components, in just a few months. Received several million yuan of overseas orders, creating huge profits for the company.

As it is closer to mass consumption, auto products have already tried the e-commerce model long before parts and accessories have touched the net, and “car e-commerce” has recently set off a new round of upsurge. Gome Online has been preparing to test the automobile e-commerce business. The chairman of the company, Lou Guixian, said that the auto industry has developed to a new stage. From the sales of auto products to logistics, to the auto service market, the bonus stage has passed. Use model innovation to release new dividends.

Not only is Gome Online intended to touch the net, but other car-related e-commerce companies are still watching this “fat”. It is understood that professional car websites such as Easy Carnet have already communicated with the Beijing Automotive Group and other automotive e-commerce companies.

In addition to vehicle products and components, automotive e-commerce has recently begun to extend to the post-market. In May of this year, Shanghai GM’s Buick brand entered Tmall for the first time to launch an online after-sales service project, creating a new model for automotive brand after-sales service to e-commercialization; from July 7th, SAIC Passenger Vehicle launched after-sales service products When Tmall goes online, the owner can log in directly to the official flagship store of the Tmall SAIC passenger car and enjoy various types of original maintenance services at a more affordable price.

According to industry insiders, the two major auto groups are targeting the online e-commerce service projects where e-commerce companies offer a large number of convenient and preferential online services. Online bookings, preferential prices, professional maintenance and after-sales service are all in line. When various models of the automotive e-commerce market came into being, the automotive electricity business began to extend to the aftermarket.

Extend the market through the Internet

A car expert explained to the reporter that the intensive network of goods or services in the entire automotive industry chain is behind the industry chain of the automotive industry is long, and began to enter the off-season, including manufacturers, various marketing networks, parts companies and after-sales services Wait.

Analysts at Shanxi Securities [1.56% Capital Research] said that under the government's push, the new energy automotive industry has continued to have a high fever this year, but for the entire automotive market, it has entered the traditional off-season and demand is relatively low. Taking the June automobile market as an example, statistics from the Federation of Travel Unions show that the passenger vehicle wholesale market performed generally in June. In the first week, the sales volume of manufacturers increased by 1% compared with the same period of 2013, and decreased by 8% from the same period of May; the second week increased by 14% compared with the same period in 2013, and decreased by 4% from the same period in May; level. The performance of the retail market was relatively poor, with the first week falling by around 20% from May, and up from the single digit in 2013; the second week continued to show negative growth. “June is the traditional off-season. It is expected that the automobile market in June will have a year-on-year growth rate lower than that in May, and the decline rate will be even more noticeable.”

In the event of sluggish sales, the auto industry chain companies began to use e-commerce to try to expand their market share through product extensions and service upgrades. The touch network of automotive aftermarket services is more of an attempt to effectively delineate existing customers.

As an example of the Tmall flagship store after-sales service product for passenger vehicles, the owner can select the basic maintenance including oil, machine filtration and working hours in the shop according to the actual needs, and can also choose seasonal wipers and other seasonal items. Maintenance products, all items are original professional maintenance, and enjoy after-sales service. “The most attractive aspect of this online after-sales service project is that its online price is more than 10% discount to the 4S shop, and the owner can also make an appointment to maintain according to their own time and experience tailor-made services.” SAIC Passenger Vehicle Related Person in Charge Said that the current online HappyHour service models have covered the new MG3, Roewe 350 and Roewe 550, the service coverage of 14 dealers in Shanghai, will gradually increase the number of service models and regions later, and gradually expand to the country.

Analysts in the industry said that once there are many cars that have passed the warranty period, they often go to some repair shops for maintenance due to price factors, diverting some of the sources of 4S stores. Large-scale car enterprise services Touchnet launched affordable maintenance and repair projects, an important reason is to allow more owners to return to the 4S shop for maintenance and repair, to open up new revenue-raising channels for the distressed 4S stores.

Or cause the industry to change

Pioneer Securities analyst pointed out that for traditional vehicles, as the small cycle of the automotive industry has entered the second half of the year, the booming degree gradually crossed the peak, the industry sales may be lower than market expectations; on the other hand, the auto industry and macroeconomic fluctuations Consistency will increase.

Under the background of traditional car sales under pressure, companies in the automotive industry chain have related products and services on the Internet, and are also related to the industry-wide changes brought about by the Internet thinking represented by Tesla. Some automotive experts pointed out that after Tesla entered the Chinese market, it also brought its own self-built dealer channel and official website sales model in the United States into this market. At present, more and more auto companies in China are planning or already The implementation of new ways to promote and sell vehicles - to create or leverage their own e-commerce platform, which will inevitably break the pattern of interests traditionally found in 4S stores.

A high-level person of Guanghui Automobile, a car dealership group, also frankly stated that under the premise of e-commerce, is it worthwhile to invest 10 million yuan in a 4S shop? The future car service market will be dominated by "2S shop". "For example, car manufacturers or investors can invest in a 4S shop of a certain automobile brand in the provincial capital, and use this as the center to radiate 2S shops to the lower city. These 2S shops are only responsible for new car test drive, car mention, and licensing services. 4S The shop is responsible for major troubleshooting."

Compared with the hot-selling of automotive e-commerce, the innovation of relevant profit models still needs time. "On the whole, the automotive industry chain e-commerce is still in the stage of exploration. Although the auto industry chain of e-commerce has been in full swing, but related products and services still need to work hard in terms of brand integration." Foton Motors stakeholders pointed out, "But sure The auto market will move from the previous purchase price to the new era of total operating costs."  

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