Automobile electronic structure imbalance high value-added products are still imported

The automotive electronics industry is recognized as another revolution in the development of automotive technology and will gradually become the new darling of the market. At the "2004 China Automotive Electronics Industry Development Forum", the status quo and development of China's automotive electronics industry have caused mixed experts. The automotive electronics industry is an industry with a good market prospect in China and has great potential for development. The development of the automobile industry and people’s improvement of various performance requirements of automobiles have begun to drive the rapid development of automotive electronic products. The level of product supply has been higher than the domestic demand level. In 2003, the output exceeded the demand of 10.71 million units, and the output value exceeded the demand. 1.3 billion yuan. However, at the same time, it should be noted that the development of China's automotive electronics industry still has problems with imbalanced product structure and lack of national capital. For example, high value-added automotive electronic products mostly rely on imports, causing the prices of these products to remain bullish for a period of time. The domestic automotive electronics manufacturers can meet the domestic demand for products mainly concentrated in car audio, automotive air conditioning, central locking, anti-theft systems and power windows and other low value-added products, and automatic transmission control systems, airbags, electronic instrument cluster High value-added products such as engine control systems still need to be imported. China's automotive electronics companies are now at the initial stage of development. Among the more than 1,000 automotive electronics companies, most of them are small-scale and have low technological content, which cannot adapt to the development of the international market. Therefore, since most of the automotive electronics products are produced by wholly foreign-owned and joint venture companies, if the value of these products is deducted from China's automotive electronics products, the supply and demand relationship of domestic automotive electronic products will change from the oversupply of supply to demand on the surface today. News Source: Tianjin Daily Editor