Anshan Steel successfully developed LEG marine special steel plate

Recently, it was learned from Anshan Iron and Steel Group Co., Ltd. that in early July, Angang signed a production contract with the user for the transportation of liquefied ethylene gas (LEG) marine 5% nickel steel plate, marking a substantial step for Anshan Steel to open up the LEG marine 5% nickel steel plate market. .
In recent years, China is accelerating the construction of large-scale ethylene projects of 8-10 million tons. The demand for 5% nickel steel for low-temperature materials required for production, processing, storage, transportation and transportation of ethylene has increased year by year. Due to the difficulty of production technology, there are no manufacturers in China that can produce this kind of steel, and all rely on imports. Therefore, the research and development of 5% nickel steel is of great significance to promote the technological progress of the metallurgical industry and promote the development of the energy industry.
At the beginning of 2008, Anshan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. began to develop 5% nickel steel based on the successful development of 9% nickel steel. After two years of laboratory research, Angang has mastered the appropriate chemical composition range, production process and its structural changes of the steel, and formed a technical scheme for industrial trial production. At the beginning of the year, Anshan Iron and Steel successfully carried out the industrial trial production of 5% nickel steel "converter + continuous casting", and rolled out 6-60mm steel plates of different thickness specifications. After testing, the performance of the steel plate reached the level of similar foreign products, filling the domestic gap. For marine steel, it is only through the classification society that it can enter the shipboard production market. The 5% nickel steel of 6-60mm thickness specification produced by Anshan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. has passed the certification of the classification societies of Norway, Britain, China and Germany, which indicates that the production of 5% nickel in Anshan Iron and Steel has reached the international advanced level.

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